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The 1.1.0 version of the XILS 3 is Here !

Posted on 30th Sep 2009 @ 7:32 AM

The 1.1.0 version of the XILS 3 is now available for downloading.

Main features and enhancements :

  • New modules : Two envelopes, 1 MIDI synced LFO, 1 MIDI synced S&H, 1 Voltage Processor (for increasing the modulation shapes)
  • New sources and destinations for the matrix : A menu allows a wide range of destinations or sources, without increasing to much the matrix size.
  • Matrix Pins : 4 different colors for four different amounts and new sort of pin for inverting the signal.  
  • New sequencer features : mouse editing, three independant sustain times, ....
  • New presets

This version and all the further updates  are free of charge for all XILS 3 owners.


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Don't forget to watch the tutorial movies :

The XILS 3, despite its modularity and its powerful sequencer, is easy to program, in a live context or in a studio.

And check out the SOUND ....


A dongle free, limited features demo version is available :  Check out the DEMO !


















The XILS 3 received the Computer music performance award and a 9/10 rate : Read more ....

" XILS 3 is a terrific synthesizer that sound gorgeous and is great fun to program ", " Great work XILS-lab!"










And don't forget :

'Soul Design' for XILS 3 has been released , and is the second in the series of 'Soul Design' banks, by Soundsdivine .