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XILS-lab announces Oxium, get it for only 69€ ($89) until August 15th,

Posted on 5th Jul 2012 @ 7:22 PM


until August 15th, get it for 69€ ($89) only!



Oxium, a performance synthesizer, for Classic AND Modern sounds, ergonomic, easy to learn, easy to read, will be released July 20th.

It will come with more than 250 first class presets, done by famous sound designers, including Lotuzia, Kelvin Ford, Nori Ubukata, Ingo Weidner, Tzadi, Sami Rabia.

We know you do not want to wait to get your hand on this new gem !

We need time to test and sort all the presets to be sure we will give you the better, but you may be impatient !

So, if you are one of those who cannot wait, you can purchase Oxium at an incredible price and use the last bug free beta version, filled with 60 factory presets until the official release.

Try Oxium, with the limited feature, serial free demo version :


Until August 15th, buy Oxium at 69€ instead of 99€ ( around $89 instead of $129)



What is Oxium ?

  • Classic Instruments : Use up to 8 Xils-lab thick and singing wave-forms, from two oscillators per patch, and shape them via the double filter structure. The main unit uses Xils-Lab 3rd generation Zero-Delay-Feedback filters, with self resonance in each mode, while the second filter offers a vowelliser Formant mode, in addition to HP, BP and LP modes.
  • Modern instruments : In addition to the LFOs with cumulative waveforms, the three DsyncADSR enveloppes, Oxium includes our brand new Le Masque modulator in its V 2.0 incarnation, with many additonal features : It has now 16 freely drawable zones, horizontal and vertical quantize modes, 2 level parameters, and of course you can save, load and exchange your patterns.
  • Intuitive User Interface : Oxium interface is based on a new "Flower" Design and IVF ( instant visual feedback ) concept. Flower Design for the Oscillators, Filters, LFOs and Glide blocks means that you can understand the structure of a whole block with a simple glance ( IVF), making Oxium fun, fast and easy to understand and to master. In addition, all the modulations are handled in a central page, with additional easy knobs including usual musical gestures prepatched : it has never been so easy to add a Vibrato, a Tremoloe or an AutoWha to your instruments.
  • Limited but easy layers : Oxium provides an obvious stereo, detune and modulation spread over the various voices, using the internal layers of Oxium. You can get in a click, wide stereo pads, big detuned unison or slightly différences between voices, getting your patch more naturel or even impredicable. 
  • Two skins to feet with your mood !
  • Serial only protected !


More information on : www.xils-lab.com/pages/Oxium.html

And listen to Oxium sounds :