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    XILS 3 :
    "I just got the XILS 3 and can not believe how cool it is. It is every bit of the VCS3 and so so so much more!!"
    Jeff Rona

Because Chor'X is so unique,we hope it will become a tool that you come back to again and again. We look forward to what you create with it: Space, Subtle movements, harmonics evolutions, just move the lights !


The following audio samples show, with various content, how Chor'X adds what they need for your mix, heavy effects or subtle stereo ehancement.


Dry samples Simple treated (reverb, delay) samples


Drum samples



Here you can watch tutorials videos, showing how to use the True Stereo Dynamic Engine, how to use the Advanced Dry/Wet modulation or simply have a look at the standard analog presets.