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    XILS 3 :
    "With the XILS 3 software synth, XILS-lab has done a fantastic job of bringing the legendary EMS VCS3 synth back to life!"
    Cliff Douse

What is dongle ?

A dongle is the name mostly used for USB-key protection device. There are two protection dongles, iLok from PACE and eLicenser from Steinberg.

We provide our plug-in for both of these protection format.

Can I install XILS-lab products on many computer ?

Yes, it is one of the major advantage on an USB protected plug-in. The installer can be freely downloaded and the plug-in installed on any computer and plateform you want. Of course, the plug-in can run only on one computer at the same time.

If you need to reinstall you computer, you don't have to ask for a new license or a new serial, just reinstall the plug-in and the protection drivers.

As there is no challenge response, you don't need to have an internet connection on your computer. Just transfert the installers thanks to an USB key.

I have a eLicenser or an iLok plugged, but my plug-In doesn't work. It doesn't appear in the instruments or effets menu provided by my music software application:

_ Did you download and installed the latest version of the protection drivers ? (iLok or eLicenser)

_ Did you downloaded a valide license of your product into your USB protection key ? 


How to use the iLok code I received ?

you must login into the ilok server and select "redeem license code" on this server. This wil deposit a license into your iLok account.

You just have to follow the instruction to download this license into your iLok : check your pending license. Download your plugin license by following the instruction provided on this PACE web site.


How to use the eLicenser Authorization Code I received ?

you must launch the eLicenser Control License (eLC) you will find into your application folder (on mac) or your program files folder (on windows). Then follow the "enter authorisation code" wizard and enter the code you received.


I plugged my dongle, updated all the drivers. I can see my license, but my plug-in doesn't appear in my music application ?

Rescan your plug-ins folder with your music software application ? Most of the time when lauching your application with a none working protection, your plug-in was tagged "unavailable". After checking the protection (see above) you just have to rescan it (for Logic you have to select "audio unit manager" in the preference menu)