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    XILS 3 :
    "My goto plugin is the Xils 3 which I used producing artist like Kelly Rowland, Diane Warren, and TV shows like Ink Master or the Briefcase on CBS"
    Jack D. Elliot

LeMasque:Delay is an innovative new concept, while very easy to use, it can seem strange at first look. There is nothing better than video tutorials to understand its features :


Tutorial 1 :  What is a mask (or Grid zone) ?


Tutorial 2 :  LeMasque:Delay features endless modulations


Tutorial 3 :  The Mask Level has a new feature : A Gate Threashold


Tutorial 4 :How use the new freeze feature brought by the 1.5.0 version


Tutorial 5 :How use the masks (create, delete, move, select, ...)

No Audio at the begning, just watch how easy it is !


Tutorial 6 :  On a drum loop using LeMasque:Delay to add groove


Tutorial 7 :How to process complex material, using factory presets