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    polyKB II :
    "It is a fantastic sounding soft synth! It is certainly one of the best virtual instruments that I ever got my hands on, and I will be using it on many of my upcoming productions!"

Here are a few clips showcasing some of the new presets included in the Syn’X 2.

We’ll add more over time. Please visit this page from times to times to listen to the new clips.


Syn’X 1 Audio Demos

Here are all the Demos audio that were made for the Syn’X 1 version

Note : The Syn’X 2 has ALL the Syn’X 1 presets in it’s factory Library and is featuring the same audio engine excepted the new 0 delay PWM oscillators.


Demo songs :


  • Sister Dance (Lotuzia): everything's done with the Syn'X 1.
  • Shadow Walker (Lotuzia): everything's done with the Syn'X 1.
  • South America (Lotuzia): everything's done with the Syn'X 1.
  • Surface (Kelvin Ford): everything's done with the Syn'X 1.
  •  Brass Effect (Kelvin Ford): everything's done with the Syn'X 1.
  • Mont Des Oiseaux (Paul Wiffen, Lotuzia): "It only includes some of Paul's Syn'X presets, and tbh he made most of the track". "Nothing's quantized except the bass part but we did make some C/P. Apart Garage band reverb, no eq no comps, and not even a limiter."
  • XILS-lab Syn'X Demo (Eric Destler): "The sounds of the Syn'X were not processed, no EQ, nore reverbe, nothing except Syn'X internal fx and compressing/limiting the master channel." More information on his website : http://www.colonia.hr/index.php
  • Synthix 1980 (Paul Barret): " I thought an 1980s type style would suit the sales of Syn'X, for all those nostalgic guys out there.The track is pure unaltered Syn'X; no EQ, no compression, and no FX were used. I only used multiband and tape emulated compression on the master output channel."
    "Once again, this track uses 17 patches from the excellent Syn'X VSTi, without any EQ, FX, or compression being applied.There is only multiband compression on the Master output channel.Perhaps a bit too much in fact.  Four of the Patches are my own, and I will attempt to get them onto the forum's patch library later."
  • Voldemort (Sweep) :"I've tried to get a blend of power, terror and inner emotional weakness and lack of development. I used six overdubs of Syn'X through a Lexicon MPX550 and an SPL Vitalizer.  All the sounds originate from the Syn'X, including the ones that sound like voices." More information on his website : http://sweep.infinite9ths.com/
  • Discopia (Adam Borseti): "I'm loving the Syn'X as I've always wanted an ELKA Synthex in software form above just about any other synth. So, I wrote this demo song for you guys. It's oldschool early-80s Disco!Everything but the drums are Syn'X; Brass, Bass, Strings, Lead...."


The Syn'X is loaded with more than 250 presets produced by a talented team of notable sound designers (including Paul Wiffen, Kelvin Ford, Kire, Lotuzia, Peter Schelfhout, Soundsdivine, Tzadi, and Vivolator, Cliff Douse, Ingo Weidner).

Separate instruments demo

  • Pads, Strings, Brass, Fx, Percussions
  • Leads, Arps
  • Keyx, Plucks
  • Bass, Split, Seq

Only the same AAR reverb on all clips + Elephant limiter on master bus. Not a single EQ, Compressor, edit or automation, just pushing keys and using Mod Wheel and/Or Aftertouch


Nori Ubukata sound set (available on LeLotusBleu editor)



A/B comparison :

During all the developement process, we checked, listened, compared the Syn'X to the original.

Below you can listen to some (only some) raw sounds of the comparision we made :



Harp Laser (Preset 4-6) and Preset 1-3 done with the PWM + Sync unique feature

  • Preset 4-6 comparison1 (preset included in the miniWork'X Syn'X 2 Library)
  • Preset 4-6 comparison2 (preset included in the miniWork'X Syn'X 2 Library)
  • Preset 1-3 setup comparison : The preset 1-3 has been decomposed and recreated from scratch : First the oscillator 2, then oscillator 1 with PWM, then oscillator 2 with Hard synchronization, then oscillator 1 with the PWM + hard synchronization, finally adding the glide and chorus