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Digital Signal Processing (DSP) is not magic, so we won’t use any marketing spiel or nonsensical jargon to describe it. DSP is based on algorithms. Most algorithms are well known, but we have adapted them for musicians, not PhD engineers:


  • Our oscillators gives an incredible pure and warm "analog" sound: The DSP algorithm behind the oscillators is an advanced improved version of the well-known BLIT (Band Limited Impulsion Train) which provide indistinguishable aliasing. We would call it ABLIT (Advanced Band Limited Impulsion Train), but we think that the result is more important than the words: see the XILS 3 comparative screen shots for exemple.

  • Our filters are designed to be as close as possible to their ‘real’ analog models. This means that they tend to workaround with the Shannon frequency and the bilinear transform artefacts. Reproducing analog filters implies to deal with what is now called the  zero-delay filters. Some tools to test your filters behavior can be found there and more informations about this technology can be read here.

  • Our envelopes are sample accurate to get very reactive and sharp sounds.