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    "PolyKB II : " It is a fantastic sounding soft synth! It is certainly one of the best virtual instruments that I ever got my hands on, and I will be using it on many of my upcoming productions!""

XILS-lab is a audio software company created and managed by Xavier Oudin. 


Having developed some of the best-known virtual instruments and effects on the market for various companies over the past 20 years, Xavier now brings his passion for music, audio, sound and instruments to his own company.


In order to make top quality software, Xavier works with highly qualified professionals, musicians and sound designers.

They advise and work as part of the "XILS-lab expertise network" allowing us to focus on our main job, the developement of new products. To name but a few :


Yannick Bonnefoy : graphic design.

Michael Logue : commercial and marketing aspect of its development, especially for North American.

Jonathan Miller : Press and Public Relation over the European zone.

Lotuzia : Sound designers relation, presets integration and management.


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