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XILS 3 Soundset : XILISTICS V2

(Also compatible with XILS 4)

Until August 20th, 2016 : 25% off

Get XILISTICS for only 18€50 !!




(Noticed : Only FOR the XILS 3 and XILS 4 Full Version !)

Audio demo using some of the Xilistics presets

Audio clip of almost all of the Xilistics presets


Xilistics is a new collection of 200+ new instruments for our XILS 3 Modular Synthesizer. (Compatible with the XILS 4 Modula synthesizer)

In addition to the ever needed instruments, like the recreation of many Classic Analog Leads, Xilistics also offers some truly otherworldly instruments, but it only focus on highly usable and playable presets.

As an illustration of the above, you wont find any Sequencer preset in Xilistics, though a lot of the patches could become very useful if you decide to make your own sequences.

As such, Xilistics is suitable for all kinds of musical genres, and will find its place whenever you simply need a good old analog synthesizer sound, as you could expect from a Xils-Lab synth.

All the instruments have been carefully designed by Sound Designer Lotuzia to take advantage of the XILS 3 fully modular architecture, and have real time expression abilities, via the use of the Modulation Wheel, Aftertouch, Velocity, XILS 3 Joystick aso. Every patch was also tagged for fast and accurate preset management.

Templates : Many of the instruments can be used as templates of particular analog synthesizers, and you’ll find both some instruments which replicate the signal path of several venerable vintage units, and some cabling which cant be replicated except if you own a true modular synth.

These templates will save you a lot of time when you work with the XILS 3.


Xilistics features

  • More than 160 instruments, clearly organized and tagged ( Categories, Genres, etc )

  • Includes Basses (24), Keys, Stabs & Keytars (37), Pads & Brass & Strings (29), Leads (37), Fx (12), Percussions (8) Synths & Misc (22).

  • Highly expressive instruments, with many real time expression features (Mod Wheel, AfterTouch, Joystick ).

  • CPU Friendly instruments

  • A Pdf manual including preset list, with an individual comment for each instrument, installation procedure, tips and tricks for the XILS 3.

Preset list: You can find the preset list here.