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    XILS 3 :
    "Im having a blast using it as a texture synth..Just used it on Nate Doggs new single!! "
    Tommy D Daugherty

Here you will find some audio demo of the XILS V+.

You can also listen to the Audio A/B comparison used in the XILS V+ announcement contest

The XILS V+ is so close to the original hardware, only two players found seven correct answers in our Hardware vs. Software audio contest

From a statistical point of view, the answers were almost the same as random choices (as if players would have chosen randomly). There was even with a slightly preference for the XILS V+ (as if players would have chosen the XILS V+ as the most "Analog" sound).

The following demos will show you other aspect of this instrument showing a very wide range of sonic possibilities (from experimental to classic electronic or acoustic-like music)


Audio clip demos of Lotuzia XILS V+ factory presets




Some audio tracks made by Sumpreja using several instances of the XILS V+

 V+ Demo1: 7 XILS V+, Drums by Kontakt and 4 Sinevibe Dynamo

 V+ Demo2 : 5 XILS V+, Drums by Kontakt

 V+ Demo3 : 11 XILS V+ instances, 4 Sinevibe Dynamo, 1 ESX24 effectsound





Audio clip demos from Mathias Büssel usin several instances of the XILS V+




For the fun, a little chorale from J.C. Bach made very quickly from a MIDI file, using four instances of the XILS V+, without any other effects



A demo track from Ingo Weidner, using an external synth to feed the vocoder of the XILS V+ (from which Voices and Strings are also used) : very unusual sound




Of course standard vocoding sound can be produced by the XILS V+.


Vocoding Demo tracks

Various samples of vocoding voices from the XILS V+