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    XILS 3 :
    "I just got the XILS 3 and can not believe how cool it is. It is every bit of the VCS3 and so so so much more!!"
    Jeff Rona

Here you will find some audio demo of the XILS V+.

You can also listen to the Audio A/B comparison used in the XILS V+ announcement contest

The XILS V+ is so close to the original hardware, only two players found seven correct answers in our Hardware vs. Software audio contest

From a statistical point of view, the answers were almost the same as random choices (as if players would have chosen randomly). There was even with a slightly preference for the XILS V+ (as if players would have chosen the XILS V+ as the most "Analog" sound).

The following demos will show you other aspect of this instrument showing a very wide range of sonic possibilities (from experimental to classic electronic or acoustic-like music)


Audio clip demos of Lotuzia XILS V+ factory presets




Some audio tracks made by Sumpreja using several instances of the XILS V+

 V+ Demo1: 7 XILS V+, Drums by Kontakt and 4 Sinevibe Dynamo

 V+ Demo2 : 5 XILS V+, Drums by Kontakt

 V+ Demo3 : 11 XILS V+ instances, 4 Sinevibe Dynamo, 1 ESX24 effectsound





Audio clip demos from Mathias Büssel usin several instances of the XILS V+




For the fun, a little chorale from J.C. Bach made very quickly from a MIDI file, using four instances of the XILS V+, without any other effects



A demo track from Ingo Weidner, using an external synth to feed the vocoder of the XILS V+ (from which Voices and Strings are also used) : very unusual sound




Of course standard vocoding sound can be produced by the XILS V+.


Vocoding Demo tracks

Various samples of vocoding voices from the XILS V+