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    XILS 3 :
    "With the XILS 3 software synth, XILS-lab has done a fantastic job of bringing the legendary EMS VCS3 synth back to life!"
    Cliff Douse

XILS V+ Download Page

On this page you’ll find :

1- Download the latest Full Version XILS V+ Installer
( Needed if you have just purchased it, or want to install the last update )

Download the latest  version of the XILS V+ USB-eLicenser or iLok (iLok1 & 2, Soft-Location) protected 

Version 1.0.5:

  • Sustain Pedal now working fine (with option for choosing the Pedal state, closed or opened)
  • Native instrument NKS compatible
  • OSX : AAX 32 bits working (for Protools 10.3)
  • OSX : Cubase 8&9 Blacklist ssue fixed


64 bits and 32 bits compatible

Windows (PC) XP, Vista, Windows 7





mac logo

Mac OSX 10.5.0 and later






Archives (previous versions of the XILS V+)

Warning : the XILS V+ is not a stand alone application, but a plug-in to be inserted into a music software application ( DAW ) like Cubase, Live, Logic etc See at the end of this page the links to some freeware VST hows that allow to play the XILS V+


Install tips on windows 7/8 and vista : After accepting the license agreement during the install process, you may have to browse your HDs to select valid user accessible folder ( ie one for wich you have access rights without having to log as admin ).The default folder is : c:/Users/Public/Documents/XILS-lab/XILS V+



2- Download the latest DEMO Version of XILS V+ Installer

The XILS V+ Dongle free Demo Version has limited features (see below ) , but isn’t time limited. Additionnaly it doesnt require a dongle, nor a serial number.


windows logo Version 1.0.5

The limited fetures demo keeps a pure sound : no crackles, noise or silence

OSX logo Version 1.0.5
  • No preset or project saving.
  • No bank import or export.
  • No automation or MIDI cc
  • No time limit
  • No dongle or serial number required

3- Ask for a Time Limited full version license

 You can therefore save your presets and settings, and have access to all parameters , and you can begin to work at once on professional projects. However, this version is time limited, requires a dongle for eLicencer of the iLok License Manager for iLok.

Moreover, you must fill the form below to get a valid temporary licence

(Note : empty USB-eLicensers are available from our store, for only 16€, including worldwide shipping )

Please fill the form following the next link to get an eLicenser authorization code (AC) or iLok asset that will allow you to transfer on your dongle a time limited, full featured license for the XILS V+

Get Your Time Limited full version License

4- XILS V+ Manual

This is the latest version of the Manual. Please note that the manual is also installed during the installation process of the XILS V+, and can be found in the folder where you have installed it.

Download the XILS V+ user manual :


5- FREE VST HOSTS that you can use to play the XILS V+

Note : the XILS V+ is not a stand alone application, but a plug-in to be inserted into a music software application.

( somefree VST hosts exist which can be used to play your product)

free mac VST host : http://arne.knup.de/?page_id=32

free windows VST host : http://www.hermannseib.com/english/vsthost.htm