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    XILS 3 :
    "Im having a blast using it as a texture synth..Just used it on Nate Doggs new single!! "
    Tommy D Daugherty



Check the version 2.0 !




The XILS 3 oscillators are based on a well-known algorithm (BLIT) that has been adapted to give the most warm and pure sound possible. With this algorithm, it is possible to reproduce any ‘classic’ analogue synthesizer waveform.

The following screenshots show how the XILS 3 oscillators are close to the ones on the legendary EMS VCS3 and Synthi AKS synthesizers. As you can see, the raising front is sharp, but as the signal approaches its maximum, it becomes slower. This gives a particular sound: soft and warm, but at the same time, very rich in harmonics.

 Square 50 Hz AKS
 Square 50 Hz XILS 3


Rampe 500 Hz AKS
Rampe 500 Hz XILS 3


Here are some demo songs created with the XILS 3

Information about these tracks are listed below


 Xilistics is a new collection of 160+ new instruments for the XILS 3 :

Audio demo using some of the Xilistics presets

Audio clip of almost all of the Xilistics presets


Kevin Lamb "XILS 3 sequences" Aside from a bit of EQ and compression, there are no FX on this mix other than the XILS3 delay and chorus.


Michael Dukes "Bad Bus Mojo" Everything except the kick and snare elements is from the XILS 3. more informations on http://www.mechanicalbirds.com


sweep "Zylis" more information on http://sweep.infinite9ths.com


Sergey Karpov "Electro" All tools of a mix XILS 3 except for kick-10 (XILS 3 with
dynamic effects and eq)


XILS-lab "Two presets Test" Two presets : "three layers" and  "K.L. Bass 01"


Rotaphon "peacock jackson " 99% XILS 3, 1% EQ,compressor. more information about Rotaphon on http://www.rotaphon.com


XILS-lab "Special Effects" Special Effects: only factory presets,


sweep "Awakening" Hawkwind's Awakening.  Lyrics by Bob Calvert. Apart from my voice, all the sounds are from the XILS 3.  I've used signal processing from a Lexicon MPX 550 and from my Yamaha digital recorder.


Michael Dukes "Ursula's Magick" The XILS-3 is simply an incredible inspiration


sweep "Kurosawa" The koto part was played using a Technics KN750.  All other sounds are the XILS 3, with some signal processing from the Yamaha recorder.


Michael Dukes "Passion Flower" Everything but the drum loop and acoustic piano are XILS-3 with compression/EQ/delay. Vocals by Melissa Mathes


sweep "The Red Book " Entirely done with the XILS 3, mostly using the sequencer.  I've multitracked sequencer performances, changing the patch pins around to get various different textures in stereo as the sequences run. I've made a lot of use of the different types of patch pin in the new version of XILS 3


Sergey Karpov "Electro Vibe" Five XILS 3, drums and dynamic effects)


sweep "St Winefride's Well" For a sequencer demo


XILS-lab "Sequencer Test" Just an unison and sequencer test , nothingelse !


the XILS 3 is now on mySpace, Listen sample on http://www.myspace.com/xils3.

You can also listen some tracks users share on our forum !