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    polyKB II :
    "It is a fantastic sounding soft synth! It is certainly one of the best virtual instruments that I ever got my hands on, and I will be using it on many of my upcoming productions!"

Here are some kind words about the XILS 3, we pick up on the web, on forum reviews or received by email from our customers:

XILS 3 : on the Top 10 music radar rate !


XILS 3 on SoundOnound (Gordon Reid): "Dig deeper, and you’ll discover a fabulously powerful new synthesizer"


Mapomme: review on audiofanzine .

"I think this VCS3 Virtual Analog of yours is one of the best sounding VA's around! Seriously. The oscillators sound SO good!"  Boele Gerkes

" wow!!!! this is addictive!!!  "

"The XILS 3 is feature-packed, sounds amazing and stimulates serious creativity. I'm excited to report that the XILS 3 has eliminated the remorse I've felt since selling my vintage AKS years ago. A fabulous soft-synth...way to go!" Garth Anderson

"Now I use XILS 3 in every  my tracks its amazing synth! I use it for lead sounds, fx and BASS. In my studio I have a few hardware synth and I can say that XILS sound is very similar  to my Moog Voyager "

"....absoloutely incredible!!! I think you have just set the bar with XILS 3 and native modular irrespective of VCS3/EMS.You deserve a big success with XILS 3"

"Wow! The XILS 3 sounds awesome! The most original soft synth I've heard in years. Nothing sounds like this! It's also great for that old skool Tangerine Dream 'Rubycon' and Pink Floyd 'On The Run' stuff. Fabulous!!!"

"I really enjoy the XILS 3!  :-)    It's an awesome Plugin!!
I will get the word out to everybody! "

"this is an awsome great synth, you made ! Super-Cool !"

the XILS 3 is now on mySpace : http://www.myspace.com/xils3

Harry from the UK says:

"Wow! The whole licensing process went so smoothly !!


Yours is one of the BEST soft-synths ever developed !!!!!!!

I can't wait for any new stuff by XILS-Lab !"

"I am still reeling at the sound(natural rawness) of your amazing plug; I thought the bar was set with TimewARP'S 2600 in turns of being closest to the original. Great great job."

"Wonderful synth - fine service ! "

"Every time I fire up XILS 3, I come up with something really inspiring. Every time."

Jah Budda, otherwise known as Bob Hedger says:

"" The most unique sounding Virtual instrument that I have. Even though I've played with it for hours and hours I know that I am only scratching the surface. It's the closest to a hardware synth of any software that I have heard."

Jean Pichot by email :

"Xils 3 could very well change the way I make music.
Very nice work. http://runrobot.tv/22003/298751/recent/jkjkjkjk-v1"