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    XILS 4 :
    "Today the XILS 4 is one of my favourite plugin..!!"
    Jean-Michel Jarre

Differences and Upgrade path

between the XILS 3 LE V2.0, XILS 3 V2.0 and XILS 4



Based on the same Core audio modules, which emulate an EMS VCS3 synthesizer, these three synthesizers offer different additional features. They also differ by the number of Core audio engines, and the intermodulations between these Core Engines, the polyphonic sequencer etc ... :

  • XILS 4 : TWO linked VC3 Synthesizers with Hard sync + One 256 Polysequencer + External modules  
  • XILS 3 V2.0: One VC3 Synthesizer + One 256 Polysequencer + External modules
  • XILS 3 LE V2.0One VCS 3 Synthesizer + One 256 Polysequencer


Differences :

Synthesizer Protection Core (Synthesizers)
Matrix Amount
Extended Modules Hard Sync between Oscillators Factory Presets
XILS 4 iLok/eLicenser 2
Continuous (+/-100%) Yes Yes 680 +
XILS 3 V2.0 iLok/eLicenser 1
Continuous (+/-100%)
Yes No 520 +
XILS 3 LE V2.0
Serial 1
Fixed (On/Off)
No No 250



Upgrade Path :

Owners of the XILS 3 LE version can upgrade to the full featured XILS 3.

Owners of the XILS 3 can upgrade to the XILS 4 Synthesizers. 

Important notice : When upgrading from the XILS 3.2 LE, your project are 10O% saved. The full XILS 3.2 is replacing your XILS 3.2 LE

 Upgrade Path

XILS 3.2


XILS 3 LE 115€ 145€

XILS 3 (or XILS 3.2)


(sharing the same



How to upgrade from the XILS 3 LE:

Log into your XILS-lab account and follow the link "Your Coupon Codes" to reach a page where all your available upgrades are displayed.


How to upgrade to XILS 4 from the XILS 3.2:

Just purchase the XILS 4 upgrade license : the XILS 3.2 license must be donwloaded into your iLok or USB-eLicenser

Important Note : When you upgrade a license, please note that  both licenses become linked and tied  (you can't resell anymore only one of the 2 licenses.You can only resell both licenses simultaneously as a bundle )


Frequency Asked Question


Here are some question you would ask about upgrade, path, introductory offer, etc ...


I own the XILS 3, how can I upgrade to XILS 3 v2.0 ?

  • The XILS 3 and the XILS 3 v2.0 are sharing the same license. So just download, install the new version and enjoy !


I bought the XILS 3.2 or the XILS 4 during the introductory offer. Where can I get the XILISTICS soundset ?

  • Yes, until June 17st, When purchase on our Store ONLY, XILISTICS is offered with any XILS 3 or XILS 4 purchase (full price or upgrade path from the LE version). After your purchase, a link to the XILISTICS file is deposited into your account. Just check the link "Completed order and registered products"
  • When purchase through external resellers, XILISTICS isn't offered for free, but the upgrade path to the XILS 4 is still valid.


I found my XILS 3 upgrade coupon in my account, How to use it ?

  • At the end of the XILS 3 full version Checkout, submit your coupon in the box names "Your coupon". The coupon has to be entered entirely without any "space" characters.


I read that the XILS 4 can also run the XILS 3, is that right ?

  • Yes, the XILS 4 gives you access to the XILS 3 license.