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    PolyKB :
    "PolyKB? YEAH!! Man, talk about a synth with LOADS of potential! EXCELLENT WORK!"
    Bryan Loren

Enter the legend !



The PolyKB captures the sound and spirit of the legendary RSF PolyKobol Analog synthesizer, including one of its most stunning features : A continuous morphing Oscillator, which can be fully modulated by many sources.


This alone would set it apart from all the other common analog synth recreations, but it wouldn’t be a XILS-lab instrument if it didnt have some innovative and powerfull expression tools on board.

  • Three different Modulation Matrix tools, including our powerfull exclusive PolyMYX (Polyphonic Modulation YX pad ), which will make each note played on the PolyKB unique.

  • The Stereo scene can be controlled by a state of the art Unison mode, combined with the exclusive DynaMYX (Dynamic stereo Modulation YX pad). Get the total control on your Stereo Scene for impressive pads or leads, and even add a little randomness to get sophisticated acoustic spaces. Move the voices through the stereo the scene. You have never had so much artitistic control over the stereo field.

  • A revolutionary 8 part Polyphonic Sequencer, with live recording, velocity editing and a sophisticated Step Play mode. ( Useful for live chord pattern playing )

Of course you can mix all the above to achieve spectacular instruments, arpeggios or sequences. Add to this

  • Two aliasing-free oscillators with smooth continuous morphing abilities

  • A 4 pole Low Pass filter with delicate to full screaming but always pleasurable resonance ( Self oscillation capable )

  • Two syncable multi featured LFOs with advanced modulating features and two ADSR enveloppes.

  • Ability to assign Midi CC to ALL parameters for a complete control.

  • One arpeggiator, A vintage chorus and delay on board, a Midi Synced S&H.


Enter the legend now and Download the PolyKB or go to the Detailed Features Page.