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PolyKB II: iLok or eLicenser protected

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Product Description


The PolyKB II is protected with two available dongles , USB-eLicenser and iLok.  Please choose carefuly the protection you want.

  • If you already own an eLicenser, you will receive your Authorization code by email. After downloading the license into your eLicense thanks to that code, you will be able to enjoy your PolyKB II immedialty.
  • If you already own an iLok , you will receive your License code by email. After login into your iLok account, use this code to "redeem" a license into your account. Follow the usual procedure to download your license into your iLok.
  • If you don't own either of these dongles, then you have the choice. We provide a eLicenser for €12 (included shipping) in our on line store.



The PolyKB II is a recreation of a very rare, very powerful polyphonic synthesizer released in the 80's by a french company. 




One of its features, never heard on other analog synthesizers, was the continuously modulated waveform, sort of a modulated waveform morphing. Recreating this feature in the digital domain, without aliasing was a very big challenge.



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Product Reviews

  1. Posted by rootnix on 14th Jun 2015

    Unglaublich musikalischer Synth.der allerdings einen mächtigen Rechner benötigt um seinen vollen Leistungsumfang genießen zu können. Sehr weiche analoge Sounds, herrliche Glocken und die Arps!!!!
    Pack2 unbedingt zukaufen. Endlich Souns jenseits der ausgeschnullten Presets von Hardwaresynths (besitze reichlich davon, gut die haben teilweise mehr Druck). Als Gegenspieler noch den PPG2 und für Gabrielfans den cp 70 von xln audio - fertig!

    PS: und ein optimiertes Rhodes :-)

  2. Posted by Martin Weidlich on 11th Feb 2014

    Ich habe in früheren Zeiten Flaggschiffe wie den
    originalen Jupiter8, den Juno60 und den
    Memorymoog unter meinen Fingern gehabt und kann
    mir deßhalb leicht vorstellen, wie schwer es ist,
    einen analogen Replikant, wie der Poly Kobol, in
    eine "digitale Form" zu emulieren - Euch ist es
    auf jedenfall gelungen - ich sag nur -
    Klasse Arbeit die Ihr geleistet habt und ich
    sage nur noch DANKE für Eure wunderbare Emulation Poly KB II und natürlich den Player!
    Beide Plugin`s überzeugen und inspirieren mich
    unheimlich in meinem musikalischen Schaffen -

    nochmals Vielen Dank !

  3. Posted by Wahedgi on 25th Oct 2012

    I dare you to tell any, and I mean ANY recording eneniger that.. He will pat you on the head and try to hold back their laughter. There is a massive difference in sound. Between your keyboard DI into your laptop, a Keyboard going through MIDI into a laptop some piano VST, a keyboard going through an amp and miked up, and a live piano miked up. Those are just four examples, and all of those sound extremely different. And I'm telling you.. your way will sound the absolute worst.

  4. Posted by Unknown on 23rd Nov 2011

    Go to YouTube and listen to Torley play this synth. It sounds incredibly fat!

  5. Posted by Janay on 21st Sep 2011

    I was looking everywhere and this popped up like notinhg!

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