StiX 1.0.3 is released

StiX 1.0.3 official release :

Version 1.0.3 should not be seen as a minor release : It adds a powerful, completely rewritten from scratch Preset Manager, easily on par with the best Pre

StiX 1.0.3 Official release

After months of hard work and myriads of beta versions, it's finally done.

The new one window Preset Manager

Xils-lab New PresetManager


Download 1.0.3 here !

StiX already has thousands of presets of all kinds : Global Presets, Drumpads (drum sounds), Drumkits, Sequences, Songs, and … Samples. And more to come.

The New, integrated, one window Preset Manager (NPM) is a major step in StiX evolution that allows you to perform different tasks very quickly and with great visual feedback and comfort.
  • Find & load the best preset for your track in seconds with multicriteria search engine.
  • Save and Save As presets with tags (+ create your own tags)
  • Batch import of samples (with preview from OS)
  • Batch Tagging of any multiselection of presets or samples.
  • Export & import of multiselection of presets
  • Favorites Presets & selective view mode (show only favorites)
  • Fast preset load
  • Etc ...
Xils-lab New
This New Preset Manager  will be ported over time on all XILS-lab instruments.