STIX V1.5 Released

January 2019, STIX V1.5 Released : We're proud to announce the release of version 1.5 of our acclaimed multi-synthesis StiX Drum Machine.


New in StiX 1.5 :

New oscillators options, new modulators features, new features (Choke, Drag'n'drop), new presets, new effect, and new sequencer options

Choke Pairs
  9 Choke pairs (HHop/HHcl, Toms Low/Hi, Percs 1/2, BD/Snare etc)
Midi Drag'n'Drop Pattern to DAW   You can now using D'n'D to export patterns in your Daw. In addition to Midi Live export/recording allowing you to control external hardware or software drum machines with StiX exceptional XoX sequencer
  You can insert a compressor pre or post reverb in StiX stereo output. This compressor, inspired by DBX designs offers many compression types, from subtle to pumping.
Envelope time dividers
  3 new time dividers (factors) on all 3 envelopes are now available, especially fitted for the tightest drum sounds. You can now perform the fastest modulations on every targets (VCA, VCF, Osc freq. , or any other parameter)
Noise Filter & Noise Direct Out
  Noise filter : Oscillator 3 now have it's own filter when the direct out option is active. The Noise filter also has it's own Q parameter, and comes in two flavors : LFP or HPF.

Noise Direct Out : This ability to bypass the main filter gives you access to new topologies like the TR-808 snares, which were impossible to achieve before. (Snare body goes to the main filter, while noise/snappyness bypass this filter). It also offers hundreds of different possibilities for new drum sounds.
Sample Direct Out   This option allows you to keep the rich frequency content of samples, while adding traditional synthesis components using the analog oscillators, FM etc thru the main filter
Sample Start Offset   You can now define the sample start position with a simple offset knob. This gives a much wider sonic palette for each single sample of your collection
Sample Reverse Mode   Samples can be reversed. Combined with the Sample Start position offset, this option make any sample much more versatile.
Sample Name MouseOver   Use Mouse Over to display the full name of the sample used in oscillator 3 slot
LFO One Shot Mode
  You can now use both LFOs as additional envelopes with this mode. You can not only mod the curves of any of the 3 envelopes, but also replace any of them by the lfo one shot, and use this now free envelope to modulate any target parameter with complete control over it.
New Matrixes Mods   Noise Filter & Q were added to all matrixes destinations, including the sequencer Matrix, Macros 1 & 2 etc.
475 new presets   50+ new global presets, each including up to 10 different patterns related to each other, 40 new drumkits including many pure analog kits, FM kits etc. 73 new drumpads, including vintage analog drum sounds. 290 new patterns, in different styles, including variations, breaks, fill-ins, bridge and chorus.
Stix V1.5 Preset tour   A few new StiX 1.5 presets (Global, drumkits, etc) (Only internal effects and stereo output used. No use of the separate outputs)
StiX v1.5 Dressed/Undressed   Some StiX 1.5 presets.You first hear only the drums, then drums +other instruments. (Only internal effects and stereo output used.)