StiX 1.6 release: Flash Sales for the first 50 orders (Ended on Oct 6th)

We have updated StiX real time capabilities.

Though StiX was from the very start programmed to mix the sequencer with real time play to make variations, the drum sounds triggered by a Midi keyboard, midi drumpads; or your daw sequencer did not benefit of the same features and modulations than the ones played by the sequencer : After a lot of work hours, It's now done, and it drastically extends Stix immersive power into any musical project.
StiX now handles Midi triggered velocity on filter, on VCA, and all other Velocity modulations on envelope parameters perfectly : You can now play StiX like any sophisticated drum machine or expander module. Even without the sequencer, you'll still have great and live, organic sounds.

Additionally some .wav audio files, like Broadcast Waves format, with an embedded extra information chunk in addition to the audio wave content itself did not import successfully in StiX. This is also solved.

And to celebrate all this, ... we've ran a flash sales event which ended on Oct 6th, 2019