Syn'X 2.5 Released

SynX v2.5 released with Launch offer

While our MiniSyn'X is 'only' an high end Synthex emulation, brought to the XXIst century with all the advantages of today's technology, it's big brother, the Syn'X 2.5, raises analog synthesis to new summits and standards.

SynX v25

Two keyboards, combining 8 fully independent layers with ultimate multitimbral flexibility : Up to 72 oscillators, 8 gorgeous Zdf multimode filters, 32 envelopes; 32 LFOs, 8 Glides, and more than 500 possible modulations, hardwired or customisable ………. PER  PATCH !!!

And for version 2.5 we added : A new reverb unit, custom routing of effects, InterLayer modulations, a new Preset Manager, a revamped GUI, more presets and on board Help Hood.

And YES,
this upgrade is FREE for all Syn'X 2 owners
can be yours for only 99€ (msrp 169€)