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Syn'X 2 : Beta available, presales opened !

Posted on 15th Jun 2015 @ 4:01 PM


1-Syn'X 2 presales : 30% Discount until June 21st


Syn'X 2


Buy Now and benefit from the 30% discount (and increase your Xils fidelity voucher)

Download the serial free demo

Listen to Syn'X 2 audio sample

Download the Syn'X 2 beta version

Syn’x 2 Presales have started ( Until June 21st)

Benefit from a 30% discount on the retail price (169 €) and get the Syn’x 2 now for only 119 €

You can choose to get the Synx 2 with the miniWork'X Soundbank for only 135 € ( instead of 198 € retail price ) : total number of patches more than 550 !

miniSyn'X owners : Check your Xils-lab account ("your coupon code"). You will find a voucher for the upgrade path : 87€ instead of 124€ (retail price for the upgrade)

Syn’X 1 owners can get the miniWork'X Soundbank ( Ie the Factory Library of the MiniSyn’X, comprised of more than 250 presets for 21€ (Instead of 29€). See below !

Note 1 : After June 21st, and until July 21st, the regular intro price will apply with a 25% discount on all these items

Note 2 : The Upgrade from Syn’X to the Syn’X 2 is FREE for all Syn’X 1 owners

Note 3 : You can use the Syn’X 2 without a physical dongle (Just choose the iLok soft dongle protection)

Important : When you purchase the Syn’X 2, you’ll be able to install, and operate, the Syn’X 2 Beta version, Syn’X 2 will be released on June 21st.




2- more about Syn'X 2


Syn'X 2


The Syn'X 2 Easy Edit Mode :


Everything is visible, and you can arrange the two synthesizers in Single, Double ( Layered) and Split Mode

The Syn’x 2 is a Polytimbral Synthetizer inspired for the synthesis part by a legendary Italian Synthesizer from the 80's, and, for its multilayer card based architecture by sophisticated hardware analog monsters like the Oberheim Matrix 12

The Sound : It offers the striking combination of clear and punchy DCOs with cutting multimode modelled analog filters like it’s ancestor ,one of the last Vintage Polyphonic Analog Synthetizers, and a piece of Synthesis history. Including the famous BBD Chorus.

And because it’s multitimbral, you can use up to 16 oscillators, 8 0df Analog Filters, 32 DADSR envelopes and Modulation Matrixes addressing any of the 132 possible destinations to build your own patches, when the 300 Factory Library Presets will be not enough

It’s a Xils-Lab synthesizer, so we added MORE. To name a few  :

  • Oscillators with cumulative waveforms (Up to 40 per patch)
  • New 0DF PWM/Hard Sync Algorithm
  • Unique Lfos with cumulative waveforms (Up to 50 per patch)
  • Additional D-ADSR envelopes and Modulation Matrixes  (Per Layer)
  • Unison, 2 arpegiattors, 2 Keyboards zones, Guitar Multitimbral mode
  • Plethora of monophonic and polyphonic Play Modes
  • PolySequencer (Also acting as a modulation source) 
  • Easy Sound Creation with our unique Smart Load Technology
  • Vintage sounding effects : Chorus, Phaser, Delay, Analog EQ. True Stereo Technology.
  • And a new dual programming environment which offers you two different Edit Modes ( Easy and Advanced)

The Easy Mode enables you to benefit of a powerful, yet intuitive and streamlined programming environment similar to the MiniSyn’X duotimbral synthesizer, but with the added power of extra envelopes, LFOs, ChaoX modulators, etc

The Advanced mode unleashes the total power of the Syn’X 2 to build thick, complex, and never heard patches, with a totally revamped and fast workflow.

Making the Syn’X 2 one of the most powerful and complex Virtual Analog Synthesizer of the modern era.

Offering you the best of both worlds : Vintage Sound in a modern frame, and never seen possibilities