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StiX by Xils public beta avaible

Posted on 23rd Jan 2016 @ 9:14 AM

StiX by Xils: the Virtual Analog & MultiSynhthesis Drum Machine with Next Gen XoX sequencer


Buy StiX during the Public Beta campaign for 95€ (around $99) instead of 179€


StiX by Xils



Important : Please note that these screenshots are taken from the Beta v 0.95. All cosmetic GUI/UI details will be adressed for the V1.0 release.

Stix_EasyXoX_250.jpgStiX in Eazy Synthesis + Multiline sequencer state

Stix_Synthesis_250.jpgThe Advanced Synthesis Panel : A full featured synthesizer for each drum sound

StiX_SeqLine_250.jpgThe Sequencer Single Line editor

After years of R&D, and an insane amount of hard work hours spent in the Labs, we’re proud to announce that StiX is finally available. In public Beta

  • 10 pure hearts beating. 7 Macro Knobs to write Magic with each of them.
  • 10 Sequences lines with Division parameter. And variable ‘Steps per Beat’ number.
  • F.A.S.T XoX sequencer. Amazing PolyStep Modulators.
  • Randomize Drumkits, Sequencer lines. Patterns & Song Mode. Live control.
  • Hundreds of presets : Drumpads, Drumkits , Patterns, Sequences & Global presets

This is only the eazy synthesis and multiline sequencer ‘all in one’ Page.

Take full control with the Advanced Synthesis and Sequencing Pages. Never more than one click away

Full synthesizer for each drumpad : Virtual Analog engine with unrivaled analog authenticity, 4rth Gen zero-delay-feedback Multimode filters, Morphing Analog modeled oscillators, 3 FAST envelopes and two complex LFO. FM synthesis, Sine + WaveShaping, Sample Load, Cross Synthesis. Modulation Matrix. User Defined Macro Controls. And more.

Single Line Sequencer Editor : Per Step Gate time, Micro Position, Velocity, Macro Modulator 1 & 2. Gang Mode Editing. More.

Misc : Live control. Mixer. Analog modelled effects. Natural stereo reverb. Per Drum Disto/Crusher. Song Editor. Etc.