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StiX 1.0.1 Drum machine released, Last day for intro offer

Posted on 5th May 2016 @ 5:28 AM

StiX 1.0.1 Drum Machine released

What's new in StiX 1.01 :

  • Analog Low and High Shelf filters for each drums.
  • Import-Export of Midi CC assignations Maps.
  • Custom Drums Midi Keyboard assignation map.
  • Oscillator 3 will keep it’s sample assignation when switching with the Noise oscillator, forth and back.
  • 70 New presets (from StiX Contest !)

Download it there !

Some other features and bug fixes are on our list. We still are working on StiX, the story doesn't end yet !


Get StiX 1.0 with a  30% Discount : Until May 5th Midnight

125€ instead of 179€ (around $139 instaed of $199)

After May 5th the price will raise to 179€ !!