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    XILS 3 :
    "While many softsynths have very similar characteristics, the XILS 3 truly sits alone in its unique sound and experimental qualities"
    Chris Pitman

Oxium 1.5 is a major update in Oxium’s young life.

It brings new features, ergonomy enhancements, a slight revamp of the GUI and some new presets of course.

Furthermore depending on the Group Buy results it will even come with a new ICE kin

New features?:

Modulation Targets:  More than 10 new modulation targets have been implemented. Both Mixers Global Levels, as well as the Level of all the Oscillators and Noise sources in each Mixer have been added. Stunning filters morphings, envelope or Lfo controled specific components of the sound blended in the most flexible way, superb evolving textures and sounds are just a few examples of what is now possible.

Masks Envelopes: The Masks have their own simple envelopes, and the segments of these envelopes have been added as modulation targets as well. As we have not already seen the end of what the Masks are capable of, so these new possibilities open the way to endless spaces of creativity and passion. You can really make some crazy parts or never heard sequences when modulating these parameters in real time with the mod wheel or other HW controlers for example.

All in all, you now get 59 modulation targets you can use in the Modulation Matrix Page, and in the Musical Gestures Modulation page, making Oxium one of the most powerfull Virtual Analog Synthesizers for Sound Design.

New Masks Handling Functions: You can now perform MultiSelection and MultiEdition of the Masks, as well as any complex selections of continuous or discontinuous Masks to edit them simultaneously.

We have also added three Easy Toggles Buttons to perform selections: Select ALL, Select ODD, Select EVEN.

Improved Masks Locator handling: In addition, we have enhanced the behaviour of the Mask Locators.

They will now gradually change their color when you approach them, making them easy to grab when you want to edit the length of a selection, and nullifying the risk of moving the mask(s), when actually you just wanted to edit the lenght.

With these new Masks functions, it’s now very easy and fast for example to adapt the masks to a complex groove, sophisticated syncopated material, unquantised drumgrooves, or to "?gate?" or Extend a selection of Mask(s) . Masks can emulate in a perfect way old stepsequencers or trancegate units. They add total freedom and flexibility as a gift.

Ergonomy and GUI: Oxium GUI has been slightly modified

  • The Filter Block has been redisigned, and is now easy to locate and identify, with two new labels for the Main and secondary filters, and its unification as a "?block?" on the UI.
  •  LFO 2 has now the same disposition than its two brothers ( it was inversed )
  • The Glide/Protamento Block has better Mouse hadling ( Could be hasardous sometimes )
  • The Toggle Button of the "?Keyboard/FX/Info Zone?" is now located on the right of this zone, allowing space for future developments, and a clearer view of the modules surroundint it.

A 3rd ICE skin completes the existing Orange and Rusty skins (?Note?: Depends on the results of the Group Buy ) We think a lot of people will love this one.

New Presets: More than 50 new presets have been added to the Factory Library, and most of them use the new features of Oxium 1.5. A new Sound Designer, Green Echoes, has joined our team.


AAX compatible: Oxium 1.5 is already AAX compatible, ready for PT10 and PT11

Note : Oxium 1.5 update is free for every owner of Oxium.