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    XILS 3 :
    "Im having a blast using it as a texture synth..Just used it on Nate Doggs new single!! "
    Tommy D Daugherty

Listen to Oxium :



Demo songs :



TransCordillera Express

Oxium : 20 instances

Effects : EQ, reverb, compressor from Logic

Artist :Petrus Major

More information on


Women Dream

Oxium Take 5



Artist :Lotuzia.


The duck 


Artist :Kelvin Ford.

 100% oxium (17 instances) with a small amount of limiting on the master to catch the peaks


Its SAW heavy, Its so sad


Artist :Nori Ubukata.

Ubustep !

It was created from Nori's presets



Meat and Potatoes


Artist :Nori Ubukata.

This track shows very well Oxium can produce some very nice analog sounds.

It was created from Nori's presets



Demo Electro


Artist :Supremja.

"Oxium is a excellent Synthesizer. I like the different possibilities. He is a true synth."

"I used 14 instances of Oxium (Sounds and FX)  I worked only with Logic Pro incl. internal Effects
like Reverb, Delay, Modulations.  For the Rhythm i used Kontakt with my own Drum Samples."





Artist :Aiyn Zahev.

20 Instances were used, compression was mostly used on the drums and bass as well as some EQ and Masterbuss compression. Only 1 reverb unit was employed.

This track follows the age old trance "one vocal line" style with summery melodies to keep you refreshed!



Steam 279


Artist :Kelvin Ford.

This track uses 10 instances of Oxiu


Electro Perk


Artist :Kelvin Ford.

 100% oxium made with Kelvin Ford presets




Artist :Nori Ubukata.

This track shows very well the various sounds that Oxium can produce.

It was created from Nori's presets



Single 1.5 version presets :

Seq, Leads, Pads, Keys, Fx, Basses, Arps

Single presets :

Strings, Plucks & Leads Synth, Sequences & Percs


Bass Arpeggios


Pads  & Keys