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    XILS 4 :
    "Today the XILS 4 is one of my favourite plugin..!!"
    Jean-Michel Jarre

Demo songs Created with the PolyKB I & II

Preset by preset demos of PolyKB II instruments  


PolyKB's oscillator morphing PolyKB's oscillator hard synchronization





"Preset by Preset Audio demo"




Analogue Planet

(Chris Holloway)

"Bleue Mardi"

"Tres Grande Vitesse"

"Indochine Empire"

This track features several instances of the PolyKB and other drums, with little or no EQ, effects processing or compression.

"I let the sound of the PolyKB 'guide me' as I wrote"


Boele Gerkes
"Departing train"

This track features 12 instances of the PolyKB.

"There is some overall reverb from Logic plus a compressor/limiter from TC Electronics on the master. But all sounds are pure PolyKB. "

"your softsynth mixes *very* well actually! Sometimes I had to put down the low end just a little, but that is not a problem of course."

Check out Boele's web site http://www.synthmusic.info/



(Laurent Bourgeon)

"Milan, I'm your father"

"A night in Marseille"


"Milan, I'm your Father by Lotuzia : Inspired more than revisited by the main Star Wars Theme. The Drum Loop is a Freeware loop from Rekkerd.org.No Eq, no comps, no additional processing, A Lexicon HW PCM80 was added on the stereo bus.The great Vadorish Strings Sound has been designed by my friend Peter Schelfhout, as was the driven teebee recreation."

"A Night in Marseille : Loungy track exploring the quiet side of the PolyKB II. The Scratches are made by the PolyKB too ! The drumloop comes from the Zero-G Chilled Grooves series and the VST reverb is 2C-Audio Aether. No other processing ( Eq, Compression, automation) was used."

"DiskOOo : A kind of Very Old School Disco Ad Lib. Once again no Eqs, not a single comp. The Drumloop comes from the Zero-G Classic Disco Series and the VST reverb used is AAR Art Acoustic Reverb."


Christopher Clement "PolyKB Blues" This track features five instances of the PolyKB and other drums. 

Check out Chris's web site www.podsmack.com    


The Circuit Symphony "TCS PolyKB" This track features 12 instances of the PolyKB and other drums. 

Check out Oliver's mySpace 



Alain Guelis

arranged by  

Georges Poropat


Adapted for us by Georges Poropat, from music composed by Alain Guelis, named "Baptême de l'image" and extracted from Pixifoly that used 2 PolyKobol 2's (you can hear the original on the website superfunkworld).

This track uses 5 instances of the PolyKB, drums from NI, voices and a Glockenspiel from Omnisphere. Georges Poropat is a software engineer and accomplished musician in love with synthesizers. He owns many analog synthesizers, including a CS80. More about Georges on http://www.myspace.com/analogpower


Frank Sieben "Boogie Sounds" This track features several instances of the PolyKB playing Frank Sieben's own presets (soon available) with only some EQ and other effects. 


Goodhart & sweep "Inner Temple Meditation (extract)"

sweep has added some parts to the Tibetan bowls track Inner Temple Meditation from Rich Goodhart's recent album `Shaman Mirror Medicine Tree.'  This section of the piece uses three overdubbed PolyKBs.  The full piece can be heard on Sweep's website at http://sweep.infinite9ths.com and includes Tibetan chanting, XILS 3 and Roland V-Synth among other things.  The Rich Goodhart piece is used with his permission.  Rich Goodhart's website is at http://www.richgoodhart.com/ 


sweep "Notre Dame"

Created by sweep who already made a lot of very nice sound tracks for the XILS 3. This track features several instances of the PolyKB played through a Lexicon.. More about sweep on http://sweep.infinite9ths.com


Robert Elster "Tweak demo"

This track features a PolyKB playing in Unison