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    polyKB II :
    "It is a fantastic sounding soft synth! It is certainly one of the best virtual instruments that I ever got my hands on, and I will be using it on many of my upcoming productions!"

Below are some words about the PolyKB, pickup over the internet (forums and emails reveived)  (Thank you for all your support and kind words about our product) :


"I think it sounds VERY good !!
Dont kill me for saying this.. I think it sounds more "analog" & mojo´ish than my Andromeda !!"

"  ... Xils has really nailed the analogue emulation in itself with the analogue, whatever their doing with PolyKB it's quite extraordinary ... "


"Been using since yesterday, the PolyKB sounds drop dead.....cool Lazurus job Xils Lab ..."


"Wonderful sounding !
May be the better sound that you can find in the virtual world ..."

"I would definately label this a 'Nex-Gen' synth that gurgles and burbles in a convincingly analog way....."

"after 8 hours of playing with this thing i can swear that its sound is totally addictive !"



"Pour avoir eut la chance d'écouter ce synthé "en chair et en os" il apparait que l'émulation proposée par XILS-Lab arrive à restituer toute la richesse du grain si étrange de l'original ...

"ce Poly-Kb est tout simplement une tuerie"


received emails

" I 'm at a complete loss for words ... i mean.. the Xils3 is truly amazing but the PolyKB is on a category of its own in terms of both sound and playability !!!  an addiction worse than heroine !!!"


"I love your synths so much I already own the polyKB.  I must say, hands down, out of all the various other synths (hardware or software), the polyKB and my Moog are the most inspiring synths I own.  I'm in love with the sound.  Totally." Nick Grimmig