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    XILS 3 :
    "My goto plugin is the Xils 3 which I used producing artist like Kelly Rowland, Diane Warren, and TV shows like Ink Master or the Briefcase on CBS"
    Jack D. Elliot

XILS V+ Competition

"Where is XILS V+ ?"


A contest has been set up for a week after the annoucement of the XILS V+. The rules were very simpe : within the seven A/B comparison below (one done with the XILS V+, the other with the original hardware), the player had to select which clip was done with the XILS V+.


The contest is now over, but you can still train your ears and check the answer after listening.

Audio sample 1 : Strings Glide Chord



Audio sample 2 : Human Voices Tremolo

 Note: the real hardware instrument output a lot of noise with the Human Voices, so we added some artificial noise to the V+.


Audio sample 3 : Vocoder Single Note



Audio sample 4 : Layered Chords



Audio sample 5 : Strings Glide single

Notice : this sample is a bit loud (especially at the end ! )



Audio sample 6 : Strings Single and Chords



Audio sample 7 : Vocoder Chords and Ensemble



Check your answer !