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    polyKB II :
    "It is a fantastic sounding soft synth! It is certainly one of the best virtual instruments that I ever got my hands on, and I will be using it on many of my upcoming productions!"

Running a vocoder could bring a lot of hassle when you don't know how to do.

Furthermore the process depends on your DAW.


Here are some tutorials and videos showing how to use the XILS Vocoder 5000 :


Getting started : How to set up your Vocoder 5000 in your Daw.

For a quick start, just insert the XILS Vocoder 5000 in your vocal track and let the pitch tracker follow the original pitch of the voice.

But Depending on what you want to achieve, there are several ways to use the Vocoder 5000. Whatever the situation, the two very important things to remember are :

  • Vocoder 5000 will appear as an EFFECT: Don't waste time searching it in the Instrument list 
  • You will only hear the Vocoder 5000 when your Daw is in PLAY MODE ( unless you check the option : option->misc->Vocoder runs when DAW stops, which can bring non desired artifacts in certain daws/situations combinations )

General cases :

A/ Vocoder 5000 on a Vocal track ( or drums etc) without controlling pitch with Notes/Midi Playing

Just insert the Vocoder 5000 as an effect on the track. Browse presets. You can still control the base pitch with V5000 internal keyboard ( right click to set a permanent note, or add note to a Chord, Left Click to play it in real time –Note will last until you release the left click )

B/ Vocoder 5000 on a Vocal track ( or any other signal ) while controlling the pitch in real time )

This is the way to make a melody from a spoken voice, or to make Vocoded Choirs and chords out of any signal.

To achieve this you MUST control the Vocoder 5000 with Midi, and therefore create a MIDI TRACK in your daw, whose output will be routed to the input of the V5000

  1. Insert the Vocoder 5000 on the source Audio Track ( Vocals, speak, keys, drums etc) 
  2. Create a MIDI TRACK in your Daw and assign its output to the V5000 
  3. Play or Record a melody/Chords on the midi track while your Daw is in Play mode

C/ Use Internal Synthesizer ( Optional + Vocoder Signal, + Pitch Shifter etc ) to play along with a pitched instrument ( VSTI ), while changing the character of the instrument

This is the way to make a Rhodes Gritty, add organic signals modulations to a digital Pad, or depth to any synthesizer. In this configuration, you’ll need to simultaneously send the same midi data to both the VSTI, and to the V5000.

  1. Insert the Vocoder 5000 on the VSTI Midi track ( Keys, Pads, Guitar, Pads etc) 
  2. Create a MIDI TRACK in your Daw and assign its output to the V5000 
  3. Enable both VSTI and V5000 midi tracks to receive midi data simultaneously ( in Cubase, select the VSTI track first, then Control click on the V5000 midi track ) 
  4. Play or Record a melody/Chords on the 2 midi tracks while your Daw is in Play mode

The figure below shows how to set tracks in Cubase 7.5. You can listen to an audio example which shows the results : Transforming a clean Rhodes into a kind of gritty analog keyboard using the Vocoder 5000 as insert on an FM8 Rhodes sound – You fist hear the FM8, then the FM8 effected by the Vocoder 5000 ) : FM8 Dry then FM8+V5000



C/ Generating Vocoded Chords from a Live Drum pattern.

In this example, you need only two tracks.

  1. Insert the XILS Vocoder 5000 on your Drumtrack Channel. 
  2. Create a new Midi Track in your Daw, and assign its Midi output to the XILS Vocoder 5000 Midi input. 
  3. Play/Record some chords on the XILS Vocoder 5000 Midi Track while your Daw is in Play Mode

You’ll notice that the rhythm of the drums is printed in your Vocoded Chords !

To hear the result, please listen to the following short audio clip. I’ve left a bit of the Speech signal ( here the drums ) pass thru the Vocoder 5000 mixed with the chords, so that one can hear the interaction between the drums, and the generated Chords. Usually you’ll want to nullify the Speech signal, so that you can process the Vocoded chords separately.( Reverb, Delay, etc ) : Chords from drums .

The following figure shows you how to set up your Daw to get similar results.




Filter bank, Matrix Patch Area and Slew Rate




Audio Process and Frequency Shifter



Synthetizer Engine Control



Using the SideChain with the XILS 5000 Vocoder