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    XILS 3 :
    "I'm really enjoying using the soft-synth XILS 3...Great Work! it's highly recommended !"
    Tim Blake


What press says about XILS-lab and its products

Computer music:   XILS 3

performance award and a 9/10 score

" XILS 3 is a terrific synthesizer that sound gorgeous and is great fun to program ", " Great work XILS-lab!"


Read the review in Musicradar : http://www.musicradar.com

computer music cover 

music computer performance adward

Electronic MusicianXILS 3


The XILS 3 is part of  A Perfect 10 | Soft Synths

  " XILS 3 sounds more realistically analog than most soft synths I’ve heard"


SoundOnSoundXILS 3 by Gordon Reid


"Although not the accurate recreation of the VCS3 that it’s purported to be, this is perhaps the most engaging softsynth I’ve yet encountered, offering all manner of weird and wonderful possibilities."

•    Fabulous, deep synthesis

•    It’s capable of generating sounds that you won’t obtain from other softsynths "


BEAT magazine :  XILS 3

Empfehlung der Redaktion:

"the XILS 3 is a real modulation monster like his big brother. its 3 Matrixes have 450 connections. the possibilities are endless." "final thought: with the XILS 3, XILS-LAB is releasing an excellent debut. that transforms the concept and lively sound of the EMS VCS3 into the virtual studio.

But the Plug-In is even more than a clone of the analogue machine: it is by exciting ads like the powerful sequencer an independent and extremely flexible synthesiser. even it has some "retro-charme" it is up to date."

(trad. from German)


Interface :  PolyKB

"The oscillators sound very clean and also the filter is convincing with it's very nice resonance. "

"The sound is very "analog", full and mysterious. Specially the arp-sound, in which each note gets its own place in the stereofiel, are fascinating - instant Autobahn!"

(trad. from Dutch)


Computer Music (CM154) :  PolyKB

performance award and a 9/10 score

" Pure music-making joy",

"some of the best modeled oscillators that software has to offer"


music computer performance adward


Sonic State (Nike Batt):  PolyKB

"Simply, it sounds gorgeous"

"I think this might be one of the first software synths I have actually fallen for."

Read/Look the review : http://www.sonicstate.com


Futur Music :  PolyKB

"the PolyKB offers a huge sound and a huge GUI and is a faithful recreation. "


Read the review in Musicradar : http://www.musicradar.com



Playmusic Pickup (July 2010):  PolyKB

"Quite simply this is the best synth plug-in I have tried for quite some time  "



Other reviews for the XILS 3 :


"Upon first play, the instrument sounds absolutely fantastic!"

"The XILS-3 is a great sounding virtual analog synthesizer, which looks to the past in emulating the warm and quirky nature of the VCS3, but also to the present by adding consistency and flexibility to the architecture. Regardless of your experience, if you are willing to invest the time and energy, you will be richly rewarded."


Other reviews for the PolyKB :


Torley (from Torley! Musical Dream Journal ) did a great review of The PolyKB

 You can whatch it on YouTube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cK0_Y5UPanY&feature=youtube_gdata


BuenasIdeas.de (05/2010):  (a review to read but also to look and  to listen ! )

"A powerful synth plug-in that have totally new and unheard sounds."

"The Presets management is very good and the included presets are very interesting: Here you can find a good start point to play with the parameters from PolyKB to make your own sounds."(trad. from German)

"  ... Sehr sehr gut ",


Audionewsroom (06/2010)

"This is ultimately a fantastically versatile synth"

"This is not far off from becoming one of my favourites"

" ... but first impressions are important and I have to say I was immediately impressed with the diversity and response of the synth in many different types of applications.
Thundering bass, luscious pads, screeching leads and the more stranger set of sounds were all possible. "


Audio Accordo (06/2010): ( a review to read but also to listen ! )

"Bel software, grande realizzazione, bellissimi suoni."


Sounds & Recoding (07/2010):

"you should try out the demo version, the PolyKB and its brother the XILS 3 are definitively the most interesting software synthesizer of the year." (td. from German)