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Analog Bag 2 offers more than 130 instruments for our PolyKB II & III synthesizer

Once again Lotuzia have covered a good part of all the instruments you'll ever need when using the PolyKB II.

Analog Bag 2 includes Keys, Basses, Leads, Pads, Atmos, ARPs, Percussions, Plucks as well as the usual subcategories like Brass, Strings, EPs and Organs, Clavinet, Stabs etc.

It is suitable for any genre of music, so from Film Scoring to the most up to date Dance styles, from the most delicate leads to the huge power ones, be assured that you'll find some unique and inspiring instruments.

Analog Bag 2 in Short :

17 Arp
15 Bass
5 Bells
2 Drums
14 Fx
36 Keys
12 Leads
19 Pads
4 Percs
4 Plucks

    * All the instruments come with real time control and Mod Wheel and/or AT assignations.
    * Crafted by the same Sound Designers as our Factory Library.
    * The instruments ran thru the same certification process than the factory library ones. Thanks to our Preset Testing Team ) Many of these instruments were in the top 30 of the Test Team : No fillers here.

Preset list and Audio Demos : You can find the preset list and the list of all the presets used in the Audio Demos here.  So that you can find easily wich sound is in Analog Bank 1, 2 or in the Factory Library