Analog String Machines Upgrade

Analog String Machines Upgrade
Protection iLok (iLok1, iLok 2 and Soft)
59,00 39,00 €
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NOTICE: We are waiting for eLicenser Authorization Code. Don't be afraid if you are not receiving yours yet. It will be sent as soon as we receive them.

UPGRADE for the Analog String Machines: This upgrade needs a XILS V+ license of the same protection (USB-eLicenser or iLok) for working.

When submitted, this upgrade license will delete the previous XILS V+ license and replace it with that bundle license which will run both synthesizers.


XILS 505: Paraphonic Strings, Synthesizer, Bass Synth


XILS V+: Paraphonic Strings, Human Voices, 10 band Musical Vocoder