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Chor'X 2.0

The Spatializer chorus:

4 Legendary Chorus Effect in a single Unit

Chor'X combines four types of Vintage Chorus effects, based on a Bucket-Brigade Delay (BBD) emulation with a sophisticated True Stereo Dynamic Spatializer.

With this duo, it’s very easy to add space, depth, and other dimensions to your instruments, and achieve complex and intriguing mixes.

The Legacy/Advanced feature allows a fast workflow to choose and tweak your preferred chorus model.


Do you want only a standard famous chorus algorithm? Keep the Legacy view, select your specific mode, that's all!


You want more? Would you like to just add a bit of space by moving the outputs in the Stereo field? Would like to change the LFO rate or the Amount of your chorus model? Click on the Advanced button and change the internal Chorus parameters.


Bucket Brigade Delay types ( BBD ):

  • The Four Chor'X modes (Synthex, CS-80, Dim-D and V+ 330) have been patiently and accurately modeled after closely studying many vintage chorus units and deciphering what made them unique.
  • They aim to represent some of the most famous archetypal structures found in those famous vintage units: 4 BB Delays, 2 BB Delays and 2 BB delays with phase tweaks, with or without an internal compander. By combining these distinct chorus types, you can create chorusing effects from the most graceful and smooth to completely wild!

But this was not enough!

The True Stereo Dynamic Engine ( TSDE ):

  • Some Choruses were famous for the stereo width they could add to instruments.
  • We pushed the concept a bit further by offering a True Stereo engine, so that you could position all the signals in a stereo image. True Stereo doesn’t mean a simple panoramic tool, with our TSDE you can place an instrument in front of the stereo field or farther back: You master the Space!

To go a bit further

We added a few unique features that you’re used to finding in all XILS-lab instruments, features with musical meaning and sense!

Impulse Threshold:  The Chor'X will not destroy the low end of your instruments, like some standard Chorus effects. We added a special Dry tool, which will let you treat percussive material while leaving the transients dry, only adding chorus to the tail of the instruments.

Dynamic Modulations:  You can add automatic dynamic changes to the rate and the amount of all the BB Delay lines. This unique feature is the key to ever-changing, very subtle or more devastating Chorus, and combined True Stereo effects.

And finally, we packed all this into an intuitive and fast UI, with 2D pads allowing a very precise tuning of parameters like the Chorus rates, amounts etc., instant visual feedback, and the true joy of seeing your stereo image moving while the balls are dancing to the sound of your music.

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