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"My 2 favourite analog synths are probably the VCS3 and the Synthex.
I just got the miniSyn'X and I am so excited as well because the Synthex is a fantastic rarity.
Thank you to XILS LAB to give every one the possibility to play with them..!"

Jean-Michel Jarre - Avril 2015-

The miniSyn’X emulates, with the highest level of accuracy, an Italian Beauty of the 80’s. It was one of the last of the 80’s polyphonic analog monsters.

The Golden Age of DCO and VCF

Like its predecessor, it combines punchy and clear DCOs (Digital Controlled Oscillators) with cutting analog multimode filters: the unique sound of an era.

Simple, Flexible, Powerful:  Splits, Layers and Singles Patches Also, like its predecessor,  the miniSyn’X  combines 2 independent synth engines in a disarmingly clear one panel view, enabling you to build thick or complex stacks, captivating split sounds, as well as classic analog single sounds in a flash.

Layers can benefit from the same rich sounding double analog BBD Chorus found on the original model, once again very closely emulated. And the stunning original Glide section is here too.

Mini in name, and in price. Maxi in sound, and possibilities! Due to its duo-timbral native architecture,  the miniSyn'X  is very versatile, and offers many patches from raw analog sounds, to silky complex evolving pads.

It’s a XILS-lab product, so we added a lot of things the venerable ancestor could not do: Cumulative Oscillator waveforms, cumulative LFO waveforms, an Intelligent Patch Creation system, an enhanced 4 part poly-sequencer, some clever stereo scene control, polyphony handling per engine, Gang Mode Editing, an enhanced Joystick, and a large library of presets.

New Technological breakthrough: The  miniSyn’X  uses the exclusive 0 Delay Feedback (0DF) PWM algorithm recently developed by XILS-Lab, that greatly improves the quality and perception of patches using PWM (Like the legendary Laser Harp sound).

Inspiring to operate, easy to program, gorgeous to play, and…thoroughly automatable

On top of that, we added some adaptive UI/GUI design, so that you only see the controls you need at a time, making the miniSyn’X a breeze to control and program, with solo modes for each synth engine, simple and effective layer control functions.

And we added a bit of AI, to make patch creation a joy (Exclusive Smart Load function in Double and split mode will guarantee you’ll quickly generate a good percentage of useful and rewarding patches created on the fly)

And finally, every  miniSyn’X  parameter, from filter and oscillators to the sequencer track mute buttons and gate control, is automatable via Midi CC. Paradise for those who like to push automation beyond limits.

The miniSyn’X in short

  • Two synth engines that can be combined in 3 modes (Double, Split, Single)
  • Single Panel GUI for each Synthesizer engine
  • Up to 10 Oscillators per patch (Cumulative OSC technology, 2 x 5)
  • Modeled DCO Oscillators, PWM for each waveform, 0DF PWM Algorithm
  • Multimode analog Filter using 3rd gen 0DF Filter technology (up to 2 per patch)
  • Modeled Ultra Fast Envelope Generators (up to 4 per patch)
  • Smart Load TM exclusive technology to create new interesting sounds quickly
  • Gang Edit in Double and Split modes
  • All parameters automatable via Midi CC control (including Sequencer parts)
  • Three mode BBD Analog Chorus Unit
  • Only Serial Number Protected
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