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The MiniWork’X soundbank includes more than 350 patches for the Syn’X 2 synthesizer

It is identical to the miniSyn’X factory Library.

miniSyn’X Sound Engine being 100% compatible with the Syn’X 2, the presets are therefore 100% compatible with the Syn’X 2.

As all these presets were initially programmed in the miniSyn’X, they use the Syn’X 2 EASY EDIT MODE. So that you can edit and tweak them to your likes very easily.

A plus for those who do not wish to enter the very sophisticated, but more complex, Syn’X 2 Advanced Edit Mode, and still benefit of the added power of the Syn’X 2 ( Envelope 3&4, LFOs 2/ChaoX/Rhythm, various Modulation Matrixes )

Signature Soundbank : The presets were designed by Sound Designer Lotuzia, in a variety of styles that makes them a very good investment for every Syn’X 2 user. Lotuzia has populated the Synthesizer Factory Libraries of many famous manufacturers, including Xils-Lab.

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