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StiX by Xils

Virtual Analog & MultiSynthesis Drum Machine with next gen XoX Sequencer

StiX offers an incredible variety of drum sounds from various eras: Vintage analog drum machines, early digital ones, and the rarest units. It also embraces many hybrid sounds from future eras.

Combine this with the most powerful and expressive XoX Sequencer ever created and you have the most complete and unique drum machine on the market today.

With StiX, you're entering an exciting, lush, colorful and expandable ecosystem in the World of Electronic Drums.


Each Drum sound is a Drum Model:  Combine, for each drum, Virtual Analog morphing oscillators, FM @ audio rate, Sine + Waveshaping, Samples, AM, RM, & CroSS Synthesis. Experience 4th Gen ZDF multimode analog Filters, Custom Macros Knobs, Custom P.Lock Step Modulations, 2 LFOs, 3 Unique ADSR or R-Clap Envelopes, exclusive PolyStep auto-modulator: A whole synthesizer to sculpt each of the 10 drum sounds, and the only drum machine that allows you to recreate many drums from the past with specific topologies, and create new ones with total freedom: It's only limited by your imagination!

Next level XoX Sequencer:  Variable number of steps per beat, beats per bar. 4 to 64 steps per bar. Asymmetric & ternary rhythms. Per Step: Custom P.Lock parameters, Step-time Division, Gate Time, Micro Position, Velocity. Song Mode to organise patterns, Step parameters modulating Synthesis parameters.

The Workflow:  Fast and intuitive. XoX Sequencer Multiline and SingleLine views, Synthesis Easy And Advanced view. You're never more than a click away from your task. Exclusive Stretch & Modal Pitch Macro Controls, Global user defined Macros controls to tailor each sound easily. The Mixer is always visible, as well as one of the Synthesis panels, one of the Sequencer views, the Pattern bank, and all drumpads.

Live Playing:  Start the sequencer and chain patterns live, or use the Song Mode, while adding single drum hits with your midi keyboard, mute sounds on the fly to create intros or outros, and automate each synthesis parameter of each drumpad by sending Midi CC messages.

The Presets:  2500 presets: 175 Global Presets, 100 Drumkits, 800 Drum sounds, 1000 patterns, 390 exclusive samples. Covering all styles, from Bossa Nova and Funk to 4 on the floor, without forgetting the most adventurous ambient or creative electronic beats. And it’s still growing!

The Preset Manager:  Having so many presets, and still being able to mass import your own samples easily, would be tedious to use without the one window Preset Manager: Multi criteria Database engine: Find the right Drum Sound, or the right Break Pattern, in seconds. Create custom tags, custom banks, favorites/hide unwanted presets etc. Export/Import all types of presets (Global, Drums, Drumkits, Patterns, Songs, Samples) or entire consolidated banks.

MORE FEATURES: From unique to exceptional

  • Midi Output:   Control your virtual instruments and hardware drum machines Live, or record the midi data to your DAW and edit it. Drag'n'Drop Midi Pattern to DAW
  • Midi Learn: Full automation of all synthesis parameters of all drumpads, mixer, effect etc.
  • Drums of the Past: 15 Wave Alchemy drum Machines (Roland TR-XoX, EMU, Drumtracks, LinnDrum)
  • Creative Boosters: AI Assisted automatic Drumkit creation. Randomize sequencer lines, full patterns
  • Swing: Sophisticated swing engine. Per Step & Sequence line Swing (with MicroPosition Feature)
  • Multi Output version and Choke function: With volume, groups and pan preservation
  • Effects: Natural Reverb, Analog Delay & Phaser, per drum crusher & distortion. Compressor on Stereo Bus.
  • Sample Accurate synchro and audio engines: The tightest beats for your tracks
  • Ultra Flexible: Envelope segment modulations, hundreds of modulation targets…Simultaneously!
  • Fast Workflow: Gang Mode to edit Sequencer Lanes, mixer levels, effects sends


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