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The XILS 3 (Version 2.0)
The Incredible Matrix Modular Analog Synthesizer

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« A great Step Beyond » 

That’s what Peter Zinovieff, the creator of the legendary EMS modular synthesizers, says about the XILS 3.

Manipulate analog signals in ways that were impossible before!

The XILS 3 V2.0 not only emulates the Synthi (VCS 3) modular synthesizer, it also adds an emulation of the 256 Analog Sequencer, the natural companion of the VCS 3.

Is that all? No, of course, we added a SECOND Matrix, offering 2 additional envelopes, an LFO, a detailed Sample and Hold module, and a Voltage processor …
And some input modules: Gate, Transient, Envelope Follower and Pitch Tracker, which means hundreds of additional connections. Add to that the Analog Chorus with its three modes, and the Analog Delay, and the picture emerges.

In the XILS 3, you can connect everything with everything, giving you the possibility of more than 800 different connections per patch (‘Only’ 583 simultaneous connections possible).

Did we say at Audio Rate?

It’s an endless source of inspiration for those who want to go deep into the heart of Analog Modular Synthesis.

It’s nearly impossible to summarize what the XILS 3 can do, but, in short, here’s the list of the main modules:

  • 6 Oscillators grouped in 3 pairs, with Wave-shaping (sine wave, saw, triangle and square)
  • 1 Noise Oscillator (With Noise color)
  • 1 Analog Filter, Non Linear and Zero Delay behaviors, with 3 Modes (12/18/24 dB LowPass)
  • 3 Trapezoidal Envelope Generators, Looping EGs from the time of analog (Switchable to ADSR)
  • 2 Polyphonic LFOs (including 1 Oscillator acting as an LFO at audio rate)
  • Polyphonic Ring Modulator
  • 2 independent outputs feeding the Stereo Bus, each with one analog LP/HP filter
  • Programmable Joystick Vector Controller (up to 32+32 modulation targets)
  • Polyphonic Sequencer with 3 independent lines, Slew rates, 3 recording modes.
  • Sequencer can behave as a modulation source.
  • Pitch Tracker, Envelope Follower, Transient, Gate, Sample & Hold Modules
  • Chorus, Delay, Spring Reverb
  • 6 Play modes (including Unison 2/4/6), Polyphonic and Mono Portamento/Glissando/Legato, 2 different Keyboard Scalings, Polyphonic Aftertouch and VCA handling.
  • Hundreds of presets made by world-famous Sound Designers
  • Preset Database Engine (Find the right patch in a flash, create your own tags)
  • Comprehensive manual with Getting Started and Tutorial sections
  • Instrument or Effect plug-in


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