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XILS 505 Download Page

On this page you’ll find :

1- Download the latest Full Version XILS 505 Installer

Version 1.1.1 BETA (April 04th, 2024):

  • OSX: Audio Unit working on Apple M2 based computers.
  • minor issues fixed.

Version 1.1.0 (November 22th, 2023):

  • New High Res resizable UI.
  • Faster UI engine.
  • OSX: Full native Apple Silicone compatible
  • VST3: Up and Down Preset switches now working fine.
  • UI: giltches fixed



Note : The XILS 505 can also uses the Soft Dongle Ilok Protection ( No hardware dongle required ). In case you choose this version, you must download the Ilok installer.

Warning : the XILS 505 is not a stand alone application, but a plug-in to be inserted into a music software application ( DAW ) like Cubase, Live, Logic etc See at the end of this page the links to some freeware VST hows that allow to play the XILS 505

Install tips on windows 7/8 and vista : After accepting the license agreement during the install process, you may have to browse your HDs to select valid user accessible folder ( ie one for wich you have access rights without having to log as admin ).The default folder is : c:/Users/Public/Documents/XILS-lab/XILS 505


2- Download the latest DEMO Version of XILS 505 Installer

The XILS 505 Dongle/License free Demo Version has limited features (see below ) , but isn’t time limited. Additionally it doesn't require a dongle, nor a serial number.




The limited features demo keeps a pure sound ! no crackles, noise or silence ....

  • No preset or project saving.
  • No bank import or export.
  • No automation or MIDI cc
  • Unlimited time
  • License Free : No dongle, license or serial number required


3- Ask for a Time Limited full version license

You can therefore save your presets and settings, and have access to all parameters , and you can begin to work at once on professional projects.

However, this version is time limited, requires a USB dongle for eLicencer or the iLok License Manager for iLok.

You must just fill the form below to get a valid temporary licence

Please fill the form following the next link to get an USB-eLicenser authorization code (AC) or iLok code asset that will allow you to redeem your time limited full featured license for the XILS 505

Get Your Time Limited full version License here !

4- XILS 505 Manual

This is the latest version of the Manual. Please note that the manual is also installed during the installation process of the XILS 505, and can be found in the folder where you have installed it.

Download the XILS 505 user manual


the XILS 505 is not a stand alone application, but a plug-in to be inserted into a music software application.

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