Since 2009, when we released our very first synthesizer, the XILS 3, we have continuously strived to imagine and deliver creative and inspiring instruments and tools for every musician.
Located in Grenoble, in the French Alps, XILS-lab has developed synthesizers and effects always with a single aim in mind: To offer quality instruments and tools that trigger musicians imaginations. Being surrounded by nature, we always seek ideas for adding life and vibration in our algorithms, one of the reasons our synthesizers sound so good (you can read about this here).

In order to make top quality software, we work with the most highly qualified professionals, musicians and sound designers in the world today. They advise and work as part of the "XILS-lab expertise network" allowing us to focus on our main job, the development of new products.

Besides Xavier Oudin, CEO and main developer of XILS-lab, here are some of the many partners we have that help Xils-lab to be the very best at what we do:

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