Ajax aka Anthony Resta

XILS 4 : " Over the years I've been extremely fortunate to have worked on synthi A's and other legendary hardware modulars, but it wasn't until i fell in love with the XILS 4  that i became a fanatic about a soft synth. This is a life changing tool that you will instantly go to over and over again ...i simply can not give the XILS 4 a higher recommendation ...its absolutely 100 percent indispensable modular heaven."

Anthony J. Resta is an American record producer and musician. A multi-instrumentalist, he is a known for his use of vintage audio gear. He has earned twelve RIAA certified gold and multi-platinum awards and has been featured in many articles for his innovative recording techniques. Some of his past clients have included Duran Duran, Elton John, Needtobreathe, Collective Soul, Guster, Megadeth, Perry Farrell, Nuno Bettencourt, Andrea Surova, Dale Bozzio, TV Mania, Shawn Mullins, Del Marquis of Scissor Sisters, Green River Ordinance, Sarah Evans, The Cinnamon Fuzz, New Collisions, Blondie, and The Making Of The Making Of .

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Analog Planet

PolyKB :The PolyKB has outstanding modulation features and a solid, rich sound, full of potential and character. A joy to play and program, with a beautiful GUI - this is truly a mature software synthesizer.

Analogue Planet (Chris Holloway) is an American producer and programmer with experience in recording engineering, live sound reinforcement and production radio broadcast. His production skills and studio of vintage analog synthesizers were recently featured on nine tracks of the film “Chasing Ghosts - Beyond the Arcade”.
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Boris Hegenbart

XILS 3 : "is a highly musically programmed instrument"

Boris Hegenbart is a Berlin composer and sound-artist. His works include sound installations, electro-acoustic concerts and computer performances, compositions for solo instruments, chamber ensembles, theater, dance and experimental video works.


Bryan Loren

PolyKB : "PolyKB? YEAH!! Man, talk about a synth with LOADS of potential! EXCELLENT WORK! ."

XILS 3 : "The XILS 3 is juicy as well"

Bryan started writing music at about 12, doing recording sessions at 15, and signed his first solo artist contract at 17. He has written and/or produced music for Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Barry White, Sting, Sly Stone, Chante Moore, Will Downing, Najee, and many others. He wrote and produced the debut releases for Vesta Williams, Shanice Wilson, and Eric Benet. He also wrote and produced the only hit music recording for the animated television show "The Simpsons", a song called "Do The Bartman". With the very rare exception, he usually plays all instruments on anything he produces.

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XILS 3 :  I've been working with the EMS Synthi AKS/DK-2 and VCS3 models for quite a  while.  When the XILS 3 came along, at first I was thinking "well, I don't need THAT softsynth because I'm fortunate enough to have the real thing!". However, I soon realized that it would be great to have this synth engine to accompany my EMS and to blend the sounds of the real, analog beast and its digital equivalent.  So far I am working on creating long improvs, both rhythmic, soft syncing the two together, and those more drone like in nature, playing them up against each other like a DJ would mix two records together.  I then go through these performances an pick out bits and pieces that I can chop up and process further for use in my work, which covers many different styles of electronic music, often combined with electroacoustic
elements as well as traditional acoustic instruments.

LA-based film & television composer, recording artist and remixer Cato got started by tweaking modular synthesizers.  He has since written music for feature films including "Stone" (starring Robert De Niro) and "Smokin' Aces" and scored films like "Mini's First Time" (prod. by Kevin Spacey).  Cato has tracks featured in TV-shows like "Dexter", releases artist projects ("Eccotonic"), is frequently commissioned for remixes with credits like "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps", "Mission: Impossible" and "Alpha", and is music is featured in 100's of movie trailers and commercials.

Celmar Engel

XILS 3 : "vraiment, la qualité du son est superbe" ("Really, the sound is gorgeous")

Celmar is a well-known and highly respected French sound designer and synthesizer programmer. Based in Paris, he has worked with Catherine Lara, Kassav, Voulzy, Souchon, Jonasz, Hallyday, Gotainer and many other artists in his studio. Visit for further information.


Chris Holmes

XILS 3 : "After a decade of waiting for someone to make a decent emulation of my favorite all time analog synth, the Synthi VCS3 and Putney, XILS came out with one of the best and most useful soft synths ever with the XILS3.  "

Chris Holmes is Musicologist, DJ, producer and musical conduit. Chris spent the greater part of 2011-2014 touring the world with Sir
Paul McCartney as his opening act/DJ and DJed with Daft Punk, Radiohead, Arcade Fire, Black Keys,.. He loves XILS !

Chris Pitman

XILS 3 : " This Modular beast will launch you into Outer Space faster than the SpaceShuttle or Datura leaf.  While many softsynths have very similar characteristics, this one truly sits alone in its unique sound and experimental qualities. Set the controls for the heart of the pin matrix!"

Chris Pitman is a Los Angeles based musician and producer for many bands included Guns N' Roses, SexTapes, Lusk, Tool, Replicants.  Google for more!

Cliff Douse

XILS 3 : "With the XILS 3 software synth, XILS-lab has done a fantastic job of bringing the legendary EMS VCS3 synth back to life! "

Cliff Douse is an author, sound designer, composer and journalist. His music books have received endorsements from Pete Townshend (The Who) and Mark King (Level 42). He has contributed articles and reviews to many magazines including Computer Music, Guitar Techniques, Rhythm and MacFormat. He has worked with a number of software companies including Native Instruments, XILS-lab, OhmForce and d16, and is currently producing an electronic instrumental album.

Drew Neumann

PolyKB : The XILS-Lab PolyKB is a fantastic revival of a forgotten and rare beast. It is easy to program great sounds quickly but is very deep and fun to play with. It is a very warm and fat sounding synthesizer, with several new and interesting features that bring these lost classic sounds into the 21st Century.

DREW NEUMANN composed the music for "The Wild Thornberrys" and "Aaahh!!! Real Monsters" for Klasky Csupo, "Aeon Flux" for MTV and "Tomb Raider: Revisioned" for Gametap. He also scored episodes of "The Grim Adventures Of Billy & Mandy" and "Evil Con Carne" and the "Underfist" Halloween Special for Cartoon Network. He has also worked as a sound designer for Film and TV and consulted on synthesizer development for several instrument and plug-in manufacturers. Neumann has an enormous collection of exotic acoustic and electronic instruments which have found their way into his soundtracks over the years.

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Dwight Davies & Izzy Bisek

PolyKB II : "What a synth" lush and warm and Phatt just like all Xils synths.
We are out and out funksters that need to have that "In your face" old school vintage synth sound on our productions and mixes, so all of the Xils synths sit nicely in a mix and we struggle to tell the difference with our hardware vintage synths, they are that good.

XILS DeeS : Xils Labs latest plugin, (The DeeS) is a smooth and very musical Deeser and is never harsh with the high frequencies, its especially good with vocals and we have also been using it across the mix buss for an entire mix.
Mastering engineers will also love this plugin, we highly recommended it.

Izzy has an album due out soon that will be mixed by Dave Pensado (Who's mixed everyone) and David Z (Prince) and Sam Thomas (Day 26, Cassie and Mary J Blige to name a few).

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Evil Nine

XILS 3 :'The sound of XILS 3 is amazing, finally we can have an EMS in the studio and fulfil all our BBC Radiophonic Workshop dreams. I'm gonna start dressing up like John Baker in the studio, all i need to do now is persuade Tom to dress up as Delia Derbyshire and the family is complete' - Pat

EVIL NINE (Tom Beaufoy and Pat Pardy) have experienced huge success the world over, releasing two critically acclaimed albums ‘You Can Be Special Too' & 'They Live!', which include collaborations with the likes of Aesop Rock, EL-P, Autokratz, Juice Aleem, Toastie Taylor & Emily Breeze.

Tom Beaufoy and Pat Pardy first combined skills in 1998 and were quickly identified as a quality DJ/Producer duo by Adam Freeland who signed them to his Marine Parade label. Since then each of their releases have distinguished Evil Nine as innovators who refuse to blend into the scene.

Their remixes of The Eagles Of Death Metal, Moby, Ian Brown, The Temper Trap, UNKLE, Don Diablo, Pink, Timo Maas, Alex Metric, Adam Freeland, Ils and many others have also seen them in great demand for their work as top remixers.

Florian Schneider

Florian Schneider, German musician best known as one of the founding members of the electronic music group Kraftwerk is comparing the XILS 5000 to his EMS 5000.

You can listen his comment there !

XILS 5000: '... aujourd'hui je regarde le XILS 5000 étant la meilleure solution digitale'

Frank Sieben

PolyKB II : "PolyKB II is an awesome synth really worth discovering! It's naturally warm sounding and will be punching through in your mix easily. I love to tweak and experiment with the sounds and editing parameters a lot. As soon as you start using this beauty you will be coming back for more. Guaranteed!   I highly recommend to check it out and get lost in the world of PolyKB!  "

Frank Sieben : remixes and productions for artists like Nelly Furtado, David Guetta and Rosie Rogers, Rohff, Soprano, Francisco, A-ha, Jan Delay, Ich und Ich, Deichkind and many more.

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"XILS 4 has achieved a level of authenticity and richness
that I had yet to experience from a plug-in. It has recently
founds its way to the forefront of my goto softsynths"

Haig V is a Producer/Composer/Engineer who worked with Bran Van 3000, Amon Tobin, Bad News Brown

Jack D.Elliot

XILS 3 : " I love using Xils-Labs product. My goto plugin is the Xils 3 which I used producing artist like Kelly Rowland, Diane Warren and I am using right now to compose for Ink Master and the Briefcase on CBS. I love that it sounds analog. Composing music for artist these days and TV is a extremely fast passed business. It allows me to have the true analog sound in my mixes and be able to recall my sessions fast for recalls and remixes. Thanks Xils-Labs for your amazing plugs :) "

Jack D. Elliot has worked with artists like Britney Spears, Brandy, Taylor Dayne, Kelly Rowland, Ashley Tisdale, and Lo Fidelity Allstars or advertisers like Progressive Insurance, V8, and Dr. Pepper; and television shows like American Idol, America’s Next Top Model, Access Hollywood, E! News Live, Good Morning America, and the Daytime Emmy Awards.

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Jean-Michel Jarre

XILS 4 : "My 2 favorite analog synths are probably the VCS3 and the Synthex.
So when I heard that a company was releasing a software version, I was quite cautious..
Today the XILS 4 is one of my favourite plugin..!!
I find the same excitement working with it, than with the original, plus lots of other features.. 2 Vcs3 interconnected sequencer.. Etc the sound is great and it is one of the best in the market for experimenting new ways of creating sounds ..!!
I just got the miniSyn'X and I am so excited as well because the Synthex is a fantastic rarity.
Thank you to XILS LAB to give every one the possibility to play with them..!

Jean-Michel Jarre is a  composer, performer, and music producer (Oxygene, Equinoxe, Rendez-Vous, Zoolook, ...)

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Jeff Rona

XILS 4 : "WOW ! XILS 4 is ruly incredible ! Inspiring in a way no other synth is. The past meets the future righ here !"

XILS 3 : "I just got the XILS 3 and can not believe how cool it is. It is every bit of the VCS3 and so so so much more!!"

Jeff Rona is a contemporary film composer, recording artist, and performer.
The son of European immigrants, he studied music, art & photography, but left school to pursue music as his life's work.
Today, Jeff is an in demand first call composer having worked with directors such as Ridley Scott, Steven Spielberg, Wong Kar-wai, Robert Altman, Steven Soderbergh, Mark Pellington, Stephen Hopkins, Jonathan Demme, Frank Darabont and many others.
His projects have received numerous awards including Oscar, Peabody & Emmy awards, and countless film festival awards around the world.
He is a two-time recipient of the ASCAP film and television music award.

Jon Carin

XILS 4 : "I learned synthesis on a Synthi AKS at a very young age, I’m familiar with every nuance. The XILS plugins are very much created in the spirit of the originals, and I’m enjoying the expanded palette they afford."

PolyM, PolyKB III, XILS V+, SynX : "Additionally, the Poly KB, Poly M, Syn’x & V+ are consistently go-to creative tools for me.They are all incredibly well executed and sound fantastic."

Jon Carin is a Grammy Award winning musician, singer, songwriter and producer who has been a longtime collaborator with the band Pink Floyd and the solo careers of David Gilmour and Roger Waters, The Who, Pete Townshend, Eddie Vedder, and Kate Bush.

Kevin Lamb

XILS 3 : "As for sounding like a VCS3, you've got the character and quirkiness.  Impressive.  Really, well done."

Synthesizer programmer, recording engineer, and keyboard technician for 80’s artists Simply Red, Thompson Twins, Al Jarreau, Phil Mazanera, and current artist such as the Neptunes, Keane, and Chester French. Kevin is an Ivor Novello nominee, with over 100 television and radio commercials as composer and/or sound designer.  He also designs sounds for Moog, Arturia, and Native Instruments.

Luke Mornay

Syn'X : "Old gear could make the simplest themes
come Alive ...Syn'X has that Aura ..."

Luke Mornay, also known as part of the Remix duo Ruff&Jam, French producer and Artist, worked with Axel Red, Ozark Henry, Kylie Minogue, Robbie William, Kato and many others




MixButton Studio: MixButton are an audio mixing studio service for artists and music makers all around the world. They work on a range of genres and aim to deliver the best mixing service for the masses. More information on


PolyKB II : "The PolyKB II is a fantastic sounding soft synth! It is certainly one of the best virtual instruments that I ever got my hands on, and  I will be using it on many of my upcoming productions!"

Nicolay (born Matthijs Rook) is an electronica, R&B and hip hop record producer from the Netherlands, better known as one half of The Foreign Exchange. Although his sound was once compared to 9th Wonder's, mainly through the association of Phonte & The Justus League, Nicolay tends to use live instruments rather than samples.

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Paul Barrett

For supporting us, Paul kindly created demo songs with XILS -lab products:

  • "Syn'X 1980" and "Answer to Whom" demo track 100% Syn'X
  • "... And the machine that goes bleep !" and "XILScapade"demo track 100% XILS 4
  • "Put the KB On" with the PolyKB III
  • "Going Through the Motions Remix" with miniSyn'X

Composer, Keyboardist, Orchestrator, Producer, Trombonist, Recording and Mix Engineer, Paul Barrett has Performed as either Producer, Sound Engineer, Orchestrator, Keyboardist, Programmer, or Brass Player on all U2 albums and many singles from "The Unforgettable Fire" up to, and including, "All That You Can't Leave Behind".

Paul Wiffen

The Syn'X : "... the sonic results are uncannly close to the original !"

Paul Wiffen : Musician, composer has worked with Vangelis, Peter Gabriel, McCartney ..


Richard Devine

XILS 3 : "Wow I have been playing around with XILS 3 virtual instrument over the last few days, and I must say that its amazing. Having owned two EMS synthi-A's I have to say that this is one heck of an amazing emulation, and goes even beyond that. Its got a huge fat nice sound.

I am just in love with this synth, wicked work guys!"

Richard Devine is an Atlanta-based electronic musician.He is recognized for producing a layered and heavily processed sound, combining influences from old and modern electronic music. More on and .

Robert Babicz

XILS 3 : "great synth is getting better, full support from here….."

Robert Babicz has a long history in electronic music, one that stretches back to the early 90s and the list of labels he’s worked with reads like a who’s who of cutting edge European electronic music. May be better known to some people as Rob Acid or perhaps one of his other pseudonyms which include (but are not limited to) Dicabor, Sontec, Atlon Inc, Department of Dance and Acid Warrior.

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Ruff and Jam

XILS 3 : "XILS 3 is by far one of the most inspiring instrument we've came across lately, first, it sounds amazingly good. Second,for a vintage emulation, it can sound extremely modern too or pretty retro according to our needs and all that with gorgeous filters! ...we're never out of options; that makes it a winner in our book"

Ruff and Jam (Jean Marie Moens and Luke Mourinet) is a Production Duo Based in Belgium.

They've stepped into the international scene with their Billboard 1 and Grammy Award Nominated work within the Best Dance Recording Category for their Rework of Kylie Minogue's Love at first Sight. As well as collaborations and-or reworks for Craig Armstrong, The Killers, Robbie Williams, Bob Marley, Au Revoir Simone, Sugababes, Scissors Sisters and Amy Winehouse to name but a few.


Oxium: "Oxium is a excellent Synthesizer. I like the different possibilities. He is a true synth. The sound is cool ahmm......warm and silky. Great work !"

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The Cinematic Orchestra

XILS 3 & PolyKB : " When I discovered Xils 3 and the PolyKb II, I was blown away instantly....  They have such warmth and character that is lacking from so many other virtual synths..."

The aptly-named Cinematic Orchestra (TCO) were formed by J. Swinscoe back in 1999.Taking on the role of bandleader, Swinscoe rallied a group of adventurous jazz players.
They have toured in Germany, Japan, Italy and Portugal. They have also clocked up the music festival mileage appearing at, amongst others, Homelands and Essential (UK), Sonar (Spain), Celerico De Basto (Portugal), North Sea Jazz and Drum Rhythm (Holland), Cannes (France), Fuji Rock (Japan) and Montreux (Switzerland) and have headlined The Big Chill twice. Other live highlights include playing at the presentation of a Lifetime Achievement Award for Stanley Kubrick by the Directors Guild.
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The Circuit Symphony

PolyKB : "What I love about the Poly KB is the amount of modulation sources and destinatains, its a programmers dream synth!
The Poly KB if full of texture and motion."

The Circuit Symphony (Oliver Davis) : Working for synthesizer giants ROLAND UK as a product specialist helping artists such as OMD, Maximo Park, Prinzhorn Dance School,The Human League,New Order,Phats & Small, Status Quo, Go West, Klaxons, The Young Knives , Jarvis Cocker,Groove Armada, The Guillemots, UNKLE Eddie Grant, and ... err... Patrick Swayze.

Tim Blake

XILS 3 : "I'm really enjoying using the soft-synth...
Great Work! it's highly recommended ! Clearly, the XILS 3 brings together all the advantages of the EMS, and many more, whilst curing and eliminating all the disavantages of the original Instrument.
Add to this, the stability that digital offers the instrument, and this virtual EMS becomes the chromatic instrument that was so difficult to use Live up till now

Tim Blake is a Composer, Performer - Sound & Light Artist since 1970.
One of Europe's first synthesiser players, and mostly noted for using the EMS VCS3, working as Crystal Machine, as well  as  collaborating with cult Space Rock bands Gong & Hawkwind, Tim's attitude to electronics has profoundly marked the sound of  electronic et rock music from the late '70's to this day.

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Tommy D Daugherty

XILS 3 : " I really find you XILS 3 to be a very interesting synth!!!! Im  having a blast using it as a texture synth..Just used it on Nate Doggs new single!!"

Tommy D Daugherty is one of the most cutting edge producers in the music business.  As a keyboard programmer for Prince in the early 90's working for Paisley Park he moved to Death Row Records for 12 years as a producer,mixer, remixer, engineer, drum programmer, keyboardist, and bass player. He  worked with the entire roster of artist such as 2Pac, Snoop Doggy Dogg, Dr Dre, Daz, Kurupt, Rage, Nate Dogg, Left Eye, MC Hammer, DJ Quick and more. After Death Row he went to work with Michael Jackson, Madonna, Ben Harper, Korn and more.

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