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  • LaPalme: Bach Prelude by Nori Ubukata
    La Palme used on a prelude from Bach:
    Resonance is fading in from 6 sec. around 24sec you hear only wet then it is backing to mixed around 30sec.
    Stereo space modulation starts 36sec. Changing the depth and speed til the end.
  • LaPalme: Golliwogg by Nori Ubukata
    La Palme used for resonating with the playing scales.
  • LeMetalique: Demo WIth Drums by Nori Ubukata
    Begin with dry and switch to effect added sound.
    A larger gong for the kick drum and a smaller one for the snare.
    Smaller gong size is modulated by LFO and Larger gong size is manually changed.
  • Le Metalique: Bach Chorale by Nori Ubukata
    Using Le Metallique to a well known choral from Bach for a very unusual effect.
  • LaPalme: Rêverie by Nori Ubukata
    La Palme used for resonating with the playing scales.
  • LaPalme: On Cello from Bach by Nori Ubukata
    One instance of LaPalme is affected to the right channel an other to the left.
    The first instance is ringing with “Ds and Gs” the other with “Es and F#s”
    As you see in the picture, those are tuned in all "Ds and Gs" and "Es and F#s".
    Both are slightly space-modulated.
  • La Palme: FX EARTH Rumbling by Vlatko Georgiev (Spiritual Machinery)
    Featuring the preset FX EARTH Rumbling NU, Vlatko Georgiev (Spiritual Machinery) used automation for a stunning effect on drums tuned to the track
  • LaPalme-LeMetallique-Vlatko by Vlatko Georgiev (Spiritual Machinery)
    La Palme and Le Metallique both used to create musical resonance and reverb by Vlatko Georgiev (Spiritual Machinery)