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  • Robot Voices by Supremja
    80's pop like demo with808, Bass from Planet Rock, the rest is Xils Oxium
  • The Door Is Hard To Find by Kelvyn Hallifax
    A great demo Kelvyn created, showing how the XILS 201 can be used mixing the vocoded and real voices.
  • Electric Voices by Supremja
    80's electro funk demo with alsoLinn Drum, Piano, the rest is Xils Oxium
  • Precussion demo1 by Mathias Brussel
    Here, the XILS 201 is used for modifying a drum loop
  • by Mathias Brussel
  • Preset Demo :
    Tracks done with one or very few presets (usually no effects, No EQ)
  • Vocal Demo by Supremja
    This demo goes through Factory preset, using a single vocal track