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    Preset Demo :
    Tracks done with one or very few presets (usually no effects, No EQ)
  • Factory New Presets X505 B by Lotuzia
    Demo track done with X-505 factory presets
  • Factory New Presets X505 C by Lotuzia
    Demo track done with X-505 factory preset
  • Factory New Presets X505 A by Lotuzia
    New Factory preset specially done for the XILS 505
  • X-505 Nori Ubukata Demo by Nori Ubukata
    Nori created this demo using his own preset made for the XILS 505
  • X-505 Factory Presets demo by Lotuzia
    A demo track done with the X-505 Factory Presets
  • X-505 Basses Comparison by XILS-lab
    Comparison between the XILS 505 and the original synthesizer, features Bass8, ContraBass, Tuba, Cello and Bass 16
    Original is always the first sample.
  • XILS 505
  • Vitamin Recreation by Lotuzia
    Recreation of a known Kratwerk song, made with the XILS V+ for the strings and vocoder, the XILS 505 for all the other synth parts and StiX for the drums