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    XILS V+
  • Vitamin Recreation by Lotuzia
    Recreation of a known Kratwerk song, made with the XILS V+ for the strings and vocoder, the XILS 505 for all the other synth parts and StiX for the drums
  • Preset Tour by Lotuzia
    Factory Preset sample
  • Supremja Demo1 by Supremja
    7 XILS V+, Drums by Kontakt and 4 Sinevibe Dynamo
  • Supremja Demo2 by Supremja
    5 XILS V+, Drums by Kontakt
  • Vocoding by Lotuzia
    Vocoding demo, using the Water mode
  • Supremja Demo3 by Supremja
    11 XILS V+ instances, 4 Sinevibe Dynamo, 1 ESX24 effectsound
  • Vplus as Drum Resonator by Mathias Brussel
  • Hypnotic Cans by Mathias Brussel
  • Detuned Carpenter Strings by Mathias Brussel
  • Ambient by Mathias Brussel
    only XILS V+
  • S and H by Mathias Brussel
    Two V+ processing sample loops
  • Demo VP only by Mathas Brussel
    Only one V+
  • Choral by XILS-lab
    Four XILS V+ playing a Bach choral
  • External synth feeding XILS V+ by Ingo Weidner