PolyKB III.5 Released

We're proud to announce the release of version 3.5 of the PolyKB III, which emulates the french legendary polyphonic analog synthesizer Polykobol II, and brings it to a new level of exp


PolyKB III.5 new

PolyKB III v3.5

Make each note write it's own story : The PATH function

The Voice XY and Space XY offer PER VOICE modulation since version II. Wich means each note can be different, in the stereo field, as well as for it's 4 modulation targets.

In version 3.5, you can now freely draw a modulation PATH for each note in the Voice & Space XY squares. You can create some precise sweeps of all kinds, or very fast Filter/Envelope/Oscillators modulations for each note. Or everything inbetween, and get a wild range of new sounds, that you can taylor in the deepest detail to adapt them to context, and even … invent new playing techniques.

More effects : A natural sounding reverb has been added to the existing effects.

New GUI/UI : The GUI has been revamped : No more knob shadows wich made the serigraphies sometimes difficult to read, and the Tab selector has been redrawn from scratch, as well as the tabs content. Synthesis blocks are now clearly separated by grey lines to make the unit more intuitive to use.

New Preset manager : With hundreds to thousands of presets on board, content management is quickly becoming a keypoint of a fully enjoyable experience when playing synthesizers.  Following Stix and the Xils 4, PolyKB 3.5 has inherited the new Xils  One Window integrated Preset Manager : Find the right preset in seconds, create your own tags; multiselection/multitagging, export/import & manage banks, projects, or selections : Everything is there to make your work easier, faster, and more productive.

We also added plethora of small details : like new modulations targets, or fixing a number of small bugs : The list would be too long, but here again, a lot of time was dedicated to transform your musical experience with the PolyKB 3.5 into a totally flawless immersion into the sound.

And, to celebrate all this, and the many years of hard work and research wich were necessary to create this synthesizer, we offer you the PolyKB 3.5 with a 45% discount :
89€ instead of 149€
Until June 19th 2019