PolyKB III.5 release: Last day for the launch offer

Get now the  PolyKB III.5 with 45% discount until
June 21th 2019

PolyKB III.5 new
The gifted chameleon : 3 morphing analog oscillators, two multimode analog zdf  creamy filters, PolyKB III can enter sonic territories like the MiniMoog * basses & leads, or CS-80 * Brassy pads  that very few VA can achieve.

Add looping envelopes, unique per note modulators, the drawable Path vector modulator, and plethora of sophisticated features, like the sequencer acting as a modulation source,  and it can also create it's own sonic maps and discover new continents.
Analog … and beyond !
Act now, and play immediately the most versatile and powerful Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer ever created.