Modular Madness with XILS 3 LE

XILS 3: The PIN MATRIX Revolution

XILS 3 LE can be yours now for only 9,9€ (instead of 34€)

Xilssentials soundbank : 7.90€ instead of 17€
(Until April 1th 2020)

The EMS VCS 3 (SYNTHI) is probably one of the most iconic modular synthesizers. It found its place on numerous records : From Pink Floyd -on the run- to  Brian Eno, Depeche Mode, Jean-Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream, The Who, everyone loved it.

The XILS 3 LE is an authentic emulation of the VCS 3. And more. Because it also offers the famous polyphonic EMS 256 Sequencer, precise modulation intensity scaling for all matrix conexions (this alone exponentially multiply the possibilities for sound creation), and even add a second Pin Matrix (Velocity, Mod Wheel etc), to adapt the Synthi to modern times.

The PIN MATRIX REVOLUTION ( No More Cables Anywhere ) In a modular synthesizer, you can connect any module to another one. Peter Zinovieff, the visionary synth Wizard, established with the EMS series a new way to connect modules : The Pin Matrix. Just plug a pin in the Matrix, and the connection is set. Advantages of these techniques were obvious, breathtaking : More inputs and outputs for each module. No more cables cluttering the synth panel. Easy to operate, easy to read, visualize, and build, your patch