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StiX 099a Candidate release available

Posted on 12th Mar 2016 @ 1:59 PM

StiX v0.99 A : Comb filters, New Presets, Wave Alchemy Demo Kits


StiX by Xils


Watch StiX in action: WaveAlchemy Presets

Watch StiX in action: R-Clap


We added 2 new Comb filter types to make StiX even more versatile than it was. Try them, they are amazing.

Presets : We included in this version a lot of new presets, including 14 of the 15 demo drumkits of our partner Wave Alchemy. You can listen to the WA presets in this 7mn long preset video.

WaveAlchemy Presets Demo

All in all StiX now offers a lot of new presets for each category : Global, Drumkits, Drumpads etc ( See the table below for the details)