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PolyKB II v 2.5 is there and Last Mega Sale

Posted on 18th Nov 2016 @ 11:40 AM


PolyKB II v2.5 : What’s new ?

  • The graphic interface has been revamped in depth for a better workflow and clarity, and more pleasure to create sounds and tweak parameters.
  • 2 new filter types has been added : Band Pass and High Pass, both keeping Xils exclusive zero-delay algorithms, specially adapted and taylored for the PolyKB
  • New modulation possibilities using the sequencer as source : now 4 tracks can be used as independent modulators.

If you don't know yet the  PolyKB II:

  • Analog Morphing oscillators provide an unmatched quantity of different oscillators waveforms, for a fat, huge analog sound (some say that PolyKB II is the most analog sounding virtual synthesiser ever produced)
  • Per Voice Quad XY Modulator : The exclusive Voice XY will make each note sound different, from subtle or drastic variations
  • Per Voice Space XY Modulator : Position each voice precisely in the True Stereo space. And make them move. The only way to build fascinating stereo scenes, impossible to create using external effects.
  • Misc : 8 tracks sequencer, a powerful modulation system, a polyphonic Arpegiattor. Complete the picture to help you sculpt the most organic and expressive presets


Get the PolyKB II.5 for 89€ during our Last Sale event and save 40%

Notes : All PolyKB users will be eligible to upgrade to the PolyKB III. If you buy the PKBII now, then upgrade to PKB III, you’ll save a bit more.

PolyKB II and II.5 presets will be 100% compatible with POLYKB III presets