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Analog Ville for PolyKB II & III, Player Synthesizers


About the audio demos : All the drums were made with StiX, the Xils-lab drum machine. No Eqs, no comps, no daw automation, no external effects, no spatializer plugs, no nothing havebeen added. Except an additional reverb, and a limiter on the master bus, all you hear is the raw sound of Analog Ville.

  • 100% usable presets, properly tagged
  • Assignations to Mod Wheel and Aftertouch
  • Normalised output level for convenient browsing
  • Comprehensive manual with preset list, individual comment for each preset
  • Global tips and tricks for the PolyKB II & III series
  • 100% compatible with PolyKB III

To install Analog Ville, you must use the Import function located in the first drop down menu of the Preset Browser of the PolyKB ( the one to the top left of the GUI)



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